Difference between Civil Engineering and Architectural Engineering

Whether you build a small house or build a mega housing complex, civil engineers and architects work in tandem to create those structures that make us speechless. Both of them have different kinds of roles and have to work accordingly to reach their desired goals.

Civil Engineer

A Civil Engineer makes sure of Designing, Planning, Construction and maintaining the Structure and its safety, and much more. Civil Engineer has to look into the structure from a structural viewpoint and the person has to hold all the responsibility from the start to finish of a structure. Even after the construction is finished and handed over to the owner, the civil engineer has to look after the structure to maintain to sort out any technical issue.

Requirement of Good Civil Engineer

A good and experienced Civil Engineer requires those skills:

1. Technically Solid

Civil Engineer has to deal with any technical details of a structure. So they have good technical knowledge of various structure types to imply it in the structure construction.

2. Strong Background of Mathematics

The technical calculation is essential for construction. A Civil Engineer has to solve precisely complex structural calculations for a large construction project.

3. Communication

Communication skill is mandatory for any kind of business especially in construction where you work with lots of construction workers. So any Civil engineer must have good verbal and written skills to convey their plan to a person or group of people. Strong or weak communication can lead to project competition on construction sites. So every civil engineer has to take care of communication seriously.

4. Leadership Quality

A good Civil Engineer must have good leadership quality to lead a project team which includes technicians, contractors, supervisors, and planners.

5. Problem Solving Quality

An engineer has to tackle lots of problems on the construction site. So a civil engineer has to solve those problems as soon as possible to stop any kind of work delay in the construction site.

6. Decision-making Skill

Sometimes a civil engineer has to take some calls like financial decisions, some change in plan, material quality, and quantity at the onsite.

Roles and Responsibilities

1. A civil engineer must survey and level with proper survey tools.
2. The alignments of roads, canals, railways have to be fixed.
3. Soil test and investigation foundation design is mandatory.

4. A civil Engineer has to plan various building types as per the owner?s requirement.
5. Must carry local authority approval before starting construction project of that area.
6. A civil engineer must invite the best tender that has good quality money and work.
7. Supervise and monitor at the time of construction.
8. Check the basic material quality like cement, sand, steel, aggregates and stop any kind of wastages and stolen of those materials.
9. Be a peacemaker if there is any dispute between two parties.
10. Quality of work has to be check and control.
11. Make sure the structure design is safe, durable, and economical.
12. Maintain proper documentation for smooth and sound project progression.


An architect has to take the responsibility for the plan and design a structure to become beautiful as well as safe, durable, and cost-effective.

The Architect develops various structure types with the help of some software and applications like AutoCAD. But Architect has to use hand for drawing design some part of the structure.

Just like a Civil engineer, Architect has to involve in the project from the planning phase to the end of the project.

Quality of Architect

An Architect must have good design skills to work with the structure design. They have to understand the design process along with the structural visual appearance and its function.

Like a Civil engineer, Architect must poses good communication skills to share their ideas with the clients, owners, engineers, and the project managers.

The Architect has to use AutoCAD to create complex structure designs in their projects.

An Architect must have Visualization or observation to create designs.

Technical knowledge of construction is a must for an architect to actively perform on a construction site.

Roles and Responsibilities

1. The Architect must take profitable project discussion with the client or owner on the planning stage.
2. Using AutoCAD or hand for detailed drawings and project feasibility.
3. Build cost-effective design to keep up budget cost in check.
4. The Architect must share their design ideas to communicate easily between owners, project-mangers, and supervisor.
5. Supervising the work from top to bottom that has to be done according to the plan.

The main difference between Civil Engineer and Architect

Civil engineers and Architects work together to make a project successful. But the main difference is that an architect works only with design and structure aesthetics where a civil engineer oversees the maintenance of construction planning, designing, and other aspects of the structure.

Describe & Distinguish Architect and Civil Engineer in Construction