Difference of Strip Footing and Pad Footing

What is foundation

Central feature of construction site is structure foundation. It is a part of structure system. It fixes structures to soil and resist overturning. foundation hold the stability of structure. Foundation provides accurate surface to develop the substructure.

Purpose of foundation

1. Foundation distributes different super structure to a super large area.
2. Foundation supports the structure of building.
3. Foundation provides safety against different incident.
4. Foundation provides surface to the super structure.
5. It provides resilience to the structure.
6. It can also transmit the load through side fiction.
7. Foundation prevents all sort of minimize cracks.

Popular type of foundation

There are two popular type of foundation available in construction. These two are Strip footing and pad footing. In this article we will discuss about these two types of foundation and difference between them.

Strip footing

this type of foundation is shallow foundation that is used to provide a continuous support to a linear structure. Strip foundation is also called as strip footing. It is boasting the lower level which is at least equal or lower than 3m. Strip footing helps to spread the whole weight across the soil.

The strip foundation is suitable for most type of soil. It also provides a continuous support and help to load bearing walls.

Strip footing is working well with frequent columns than pad footing. The width of strip footing goes together with the width of wall structure. The minimum strength of this foundation is 150mm. Strip footing is enough deep to prevent frosting. Strip foundation is best solution to support linear wall by spreading load.

Pad footing

This type of footing is also known as pad foundation. This is also shallow foundation. Though as per needed ground and soil type can be made much deeper. both pad and strip foundation deal with same issues. Pad footings are not made of strip. Pad footings are made of pads. Pad footings can be shaped in rectangles, square, round. Supportive way of pad footing is different from strip footing.

This type of footing has lot of thickness and upper face of pad footing is sloped. Thickness of pad foundation is enough to support the plan shape. Pad footing are most popular option to add on customers agenda. Part of pad footing can be reinforced to reduce the mining. According to analyzed information pad foundation is used in several layout. weakness of pad footing is related to wind forces.

Difference between strip foundation and pad foundation

1. Strip foundation is used to support loads specially in frequent columns. On other hand pad foundation sustain concentrated load from structural column.
2. Strip foundation is used where founding level is less than 3mm. Where pad foundation is not used in under 3mm.

Various type of foundation

There is different type of foundation available in construction area. This are:

1. Raft footing: This type of foundation is also known as mat foundation. It is slab resting on the soil.
2. Spread footing: This type of footing is used to support the column and walls. It can transmit and distribute the load to the soil.
3. Pile footing: This type of footing is row of columns that inserted into soil to spread load to a lower level.
4. Combined footing: In this type of footing individual column has to combined more than two columns. Then it is called combined footing.
5. Well footing: This type of footing is deep foundation. It provides below sea level for making bridges.
6. Grillage footing: This type of foundation forms of more than two tire of beams. It distributes the load over a large area.

Wrap up

Main function of pad footing and strip footing is very different. Though these footings used for similar reason. Strip foundation is way better than pad footing. Strip foundation can be used in most type of soil. For better understanding customers can contact with engineer.

Here in this compact article, we will discuss about different type of footings and definition of strip foundation and pad foundation. We will also discuss about the difference between strip footing and pad footing.

Difference of Strip Footing and Pad Footing
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