Different types of quantity surveyor in surveying field

A professional quantity surveyor is employed by the client and the contractor?s quantity surveyor. These comprise of a private practice QS who performs with an organisation in an office and instructs clients as well as develop a bill of quantities for various contractors on various projects.

In a private practice, the quantity surveyor works in tandem with various architects and clients. The other type is a contractor?s QS where his/her works for the similar contractor on various projects that they possess and is utilized to generate bills of quantities for this contractor.

1. Consultant / Client Quantity Surveyor or PQS

They perform a wide array of activities which range from cost planning, value management, feasibility studies, cost benefit analysis, life cycle costing, tendering, valuation, dispute resolution and cost estimating.

Usually, quantity surveyors implement control over construction costs by making perfect measurement of the necessary work, the application of expert knowledge of costs and prices of work, labour, materials and plant required. It allows them to get a clear view of the significances of design decisions at initial phase as well as provide suggestions the employer/client accordingly.

2. Contractor?s Quantity Surveyor

A contractor?s QS role works out the daily running of building projects, estimating, contract administration and construction planning together with commercial, cost and project management.

Contractor?s quantity surveyor is liable for accomplishing the operations equivalent to those of the PQS; i.e., the computation and pricing of construction work, but particularly that actually executed by the Contractor (and the Contractor?s Sub-Contractors).

The quantity surveyor from a contractor company has to undergo additional liabilities like sub-contract formation, handling all matters associated with costs and values of the project along with payment and cash flow forecasts.

Besides, quantity surveyors there are openings for other types of jobs like Senior Cost Estimator, International Surveyor, Logistics Specialist, Land Surveyor, Cost Engineer, Structural Engineer, Estimating Engineer, Civil Engineer, Estimator and Construction Estimator.

Senior Quantity Surveyor ?They take ownership as well as liability for the team. He/she reports daily to the lead partner of the surveying firm.

Mechanical and Electrical Quantity Surveyor ? They have to take complete responsibility for all types of mechanical and electrical works. These professionals normally specialize in big projects primarily from the end of government.

Project Quantity Surveyor ? They arrange bills of quantities, project estimates, and tender appraisals and, perform project reviews.

The positions will be always vacant for a quantity surveyor inside large construction firms, architecture firms, law firms, governmental agencies and construction advisory firms. Any project or firm employs QS to oversee any project and check the buildings to be in conformity with all codes.

An ideal QS should possess an accredited degree and the necessary professional certifications.

Different types of quantity surveyor in surveying field