Uses and benefits of dry pack mortar in job site

Dry pack mortar also known as deck mud or floor mud, is formed by blending sand, cement, and water. It?s application is found in repairing small spots, developing thick bed mortar for tile and brick placement, and bed shower setting up.

The proportion of the mixture is done with one part of cement to four part of sand, and sufficient water is required to form mortar that bind together while it is molded into a ball manually.

After being added, the ball shall not decay due to low water quantity and should not slump because of to high-water proportion. This mixture is supposed to produce a compressive strength of 21 MPa.

Dry Pack Mortar ? usages and benefits

Mixture Proportion: It is found that one part of cement to four part of sand, desirably sharp clean sand, is sufficient. Further, mix proportions like one to two and half, and one to five or even six are recommended.

In terms of quantity of water, it is based on the moisture content of the sand being utilized. When moisture of sand is low, larger quantity of water is required in respect to where moisture content is high.

Uses of Dry Pack Mortar

1. Developing ordinary thick mortar beds.
2. Leveling of concrete surfaces up to 51 mm thick.
3. Suitable for floating shower bases.
4. It is directly connected or applied as a isolated floating mortar bed over a cleavage membrane or waterproofing membrane.
5. Suitable for both residential and commercial applications in dry and wet areas.

6. The purpose of dry pack mortar is to fill deep holes in a concrete wall. When the dry pack mortar components are blended, it should be arranged in layers of 10mm and then compressed with hammer, stick, or hardwood dowel. Instead of wooden stick, the metal stick should be utilized to compress dry pack mortar since metal stick produces greater compaction and as well as bond. Besides, it is direct tamping should be employed at an angle to the sides of the hole to maintain good compaction at the sides of the hole.

Benefits of Dry Pack Mortar

1. Applicable for Interior and Exterior applications
2. Mixing of sand and cement in construction site is not necessary
3. It is easily tamped, compacted, and sloped
4. It ensures a consistent mix on large jobs

Uses and benefits of dry pack mortar in job site