EMMA calculator for measuring electrical quantities

A generic 'EMMA' for work with bulk electrical quantities.

A multi-use EMMA should be applied for any 'mass' activity, that entails a physically quantifiable unit of construction work scope measured in tens, hundreds or thousands. As for instance, electrical cable tray or racking or cable laying/pulling are perfect individual subjects for this EMMA.

The EMMA contains 3 'pages', called 'INPUT' (Basic data that should be entered to make EMMA functional), 'TABLES' (Spreadsheets used for entering target & actual progress percentages, man hours etc), and 'CHARTS' (Here accessed spreadsheets should be demonstrates as curves & histograms). The EMMA is applied for different purposes which are described below:

1. To arrange target rate of progress (S-curve);
2. To make an estimate regarding man-hours, converted to manpower requirements (histogram);
3. To register units computed as complete every month;
4. To register man-hours used each month, in that way automatically matching the actual rate of development and genuine handling of manpower, with premeditated rates.
5. Besides, unacceptable trends can thus be recognized and work re-scheduled, together with automatic adjustments to manpower requirements, that will lead achievement of target completion.

Primary needs for inputting are:

a. The projected total quantity;
b. Meaning of the unit (eg m3);
c. A valuation of man-hours necessary for each unit;
d. The average number of hours to be conducted each day;
e. The average number of days to be conducted on every week.

Subsequently, inputting should be compliant with notes provided.
Application of an EMMA will help in creating specific interest to anyone for taking liability to finish a work scope package before schedule.
6.11.B. Earthing tape, cable racks & trays, cables, terminations

The calculator demonstrated below can be employed for calculating man hours required for any one, or all, concerning the activities related to cabling which are incorporated. Besides, entering quantities, the user will be able to modify the unit manhour rates provided, for rates more in keeping with that User's environment.

To obtain a hypothetical example, click Real-time Sync, provide secret key 'electrified' and click connect.

EMMA calculator for measuring electrical quantities