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Estimating in Building Construction 8th Edition by Steven J. Peterson and Frank R. Dagostino


? Introduction to Estimating
? Project Manual
? Overhead and Contingencies
? Labor
? chapter
? The Estimate
? Concrete
? Masonry
? Excavation
? Web Resources
? Review Questions
? Thermal and Moisture Protection

? Metals
? Wood
? Electrical
? Plumbing
? Heating, Ventilating, and Air-Conditioning
? Doors and Windows
? Finishes
? Profit
? Other Estimating Methods

The eight edition of Estimating in Building Construction continues to build strong foundations of the previous editions. It is important for estimators to understand the theory that lies behind quantification and must fully understand before performing any computerized estimation.

This underlying premise has acted like the guiding principle which began with Mr. Dagostino and now continues with the current author.

To demonstrate the estimating methodology and the organization of the estimate a number of examples and exercises are added in this edition. Estimation is an art which depends heavily on the person performing the takeoff.

Estimation skill of a person can only be developed by practice, which is why the reader is encouraged to work the example problems and apply the skills which are taught in the book.

Throughout the project estimation is used, which is why it is important to document and organize the assumptions and methodologies used so that the subsequent users can have access to the knowledge.

The purpose of this revision is to expand the estimating materials which is covered by this book and to bring along other material according to the current industry practices. Stated below are the important changes and addition made in this edition:

1. More than 200 problems have been added to the chapters.

2. To give the readers a better overview of the estimating process Chapter 4 has been rewritten.

3. In Chapter 5 a discussion of the use of Building Information Modeling (BIM) in estimation has been added. In the Preface estimating problems using the building information model for a wood-framed office building has been added in the problem sets of a number of chapters.

4. In Chapter 7 you can find a discussion of the Fair Labor Standards Act and Davis-Bacon Act.

5. To provide a better and thorough discussion on equipment cost chapter 8 has been rewritten.

6. A better and more thorough discussion on estimating electrical has been provided by rewriting Chapter 17.

7. To provide an even more thorough discussion on estimating plumbing, including fire sprinklers Chapter 18 has been rewritten.

8. A more thorough discussion of estimating HVAC is provided for which Chapter 19 has been rewritten.

9. For an even more thorough discussion on profit Chapter 20 has been rewritten.

10. To the instructor resource materials, a bid simulation has been added.

You can find the student instruction for the bid simulation in Appendix H. In Pearson Careers Resources you can find all supplementary plans for the Appendices (pearsonhighered.com) simply by searching for the book just by its title or you can even go to browse discipline and choose Civil and Construction technology.

8th edition of Estimating in Building Construction