16 Heavy Equipments Used in Building Construction

Heavy Construction Equipment is essential in a large construction project for various purposes. It boosts the economy of the project as well as time-saving. Heavy construction Equipment selection depends on work size.

Different variety and range of Heavy Construction Equipment

We will be discussing 16 types of heavy construction equipment with a brief in this article.

A. Telehandelrs

Telehandelrs are one kind of equipment to lift heavy materials to the required height. This Equipment also gives a construction platform at a distant height for construction workers.

Telescopic boom of Telehandelrs can be forwarded, upward, downward at the desired level of the construction. Different type of job requirement needs a different type of arrangements like forklifts, buckets, cabin, lifting jibs can attach at the end of the telescopic boom.

B. Feller Bunchers

Feller Bunchers is used in cutting and grabbing big trees quickly in the construction field. This heavy equipment can cut down at once place for easy dumping and loading for dump trucks.

C. Bulldozer

A bulldozer removes the layer of topsoil at a particular depth. The front of the bulldozer has a sharp edge wide metal plate that removes soil very easily. Hydraulic pistons are used to lower and raise metal plates for weak soil removal and soil lifting.

D. Graders

Graders are also known as motor graders used for road construction. It has horizontal blades both front and rear wheels. Those blades are grounded while the grader works at the Construction. Soil surface leveling is used by Grader. The cabin where this heavy equipment operates is on the top of rear axle management. The main purpose of graders is to remove snow, unnecessary soil, and dirt from the road.

E. Wheel Tractor Scrapers

It is one type of earth-moving equipment to flat soil surface through scrapping. Wheel Tractor Scrapers has two parts.

1. Front Part: It has a wheeled tractor vehicle where the driver sits to control Wheel Tractor Scrapers.
2. Rear Part: It has a horizontal front blade, conveyor belt, and soil collecting hopper.

Working Principle:

? The front blade lowers on the ground then the vehicle moves.
? The blade starts digging the soil above the blade level and the soil collects in the hopper through the conveyor belt.
? The hopper is full of soil. The rear part is lifted from the ground and unloaded the soil in the dump yard.

F. Backhoe

Backhoe is very popular equipment in construction. Just like the name, the hoe is attached at the backside of the vehicle with a loading bucket at the front. It can use in various types of work like loading and unloading, materials lifting. Backhoe excavated trenches below its machine level.

G. Trenchers

Trenchers use to excavate trenches in the soil. It is used pipelining, caballing, and drainage.

Trenchers have two types:

1. Chain Trenchers- It has fixed long arm around with digging chain.
2. Wheeled Trenchers-It has metal wheel wrap with digging teeth.

H. Loaders

Loaders are used to load and unload materials like soil, raw materials, demolition waste onto dumpers. At the front, the loader has a short-moving hand with a large bucket. A loader can be wheeled or trenched. Generally, Wheeled loaders are used in a construction site but Trenched loaders are used where wheeled loaders can?t reach the construction site.

I. Tower Cranes

Tower Cranes also know as fixed cranes use for elevating tall construction structures. Heavy metals like pre-stressed concrete blocks, steel trusses, frames can?t carry manually to the 20th or 30th floor. That is the reason Tower Cranes use. It has Mast also known as the vertical supporting tower.

Tower cranes have 3 parts:

1. Jib: Operating arm of Tower cranes.
2. Counter Jib: The other arm which manages or counters the load of Jib.
3. Operator cabin: Tower crane operate from this place.

J. Paver

Paver or Asphalt Paver mainly uses in road construction. It has a feeding bucket where the dump truck continuously loads asphalt. Paver equally distributes on the road for slight compaction. After that, a roller requires perfect compaction.

K. Compactors

Compactors are also known as Rollers. It uses for compaction of the surface of earth and material. Different compacting purpose needs different Rollers. There are:

1. Smooth Wheel Compactors: It uses for compacting shallow layers of asphalt or soil.
2. Sheep Foot Compactors: It uses for deep compaction purposes.
3. Pneumatic Tyred Compactors: It uses for asphalt layers and fine-grained soils compaction.

L. Excavator

Excavator is very useful heavy equipment in construction for various purposes like demolition, tree cutting, heavy lifting, river dredging, and much more. Excavators can be wheeled or tracked depending on the need for construction. It has two parts:

1. Long-arm: Deep bucket attached at the end of long-arm.
2. Cabinet: It has a machine operator which can rotate 360 degrees for making construction smooth and easy.

M. Dragline Excavator

Dragline Excavator is another kind of Excavator that is used for various purposes of water work like port construction, remove sediments from water bodies, underwater excavation. Unlike Excavator, it has a long length boom and digging bucket which is supported by a cable at the top of the boom.

N. Dump Trucks

Dump trucks are used to carry large quantities of materials from one construction site to another or in a dumping ground. Off-road Dump trucks are very handy in big construction sites for their large wheels and more spaces. It can go any off-road sites where normal Dump trucks cannot go and load any kind of material in large quantities regardless of ground conditions.

O. Pile Boring Equipment

Pile Boring Equipment makes holes for boring to install precast piles in the construction site.

P. Pile Driving Equipment

Pile Driving Equipment is one type of heavy equipment that is used for Pile foundation in the site of Construction. It can elevate the pile and hold in a perfect position and drives through the ground at any depth you acquire. Pile Driving Equipment has pilling rigs, Pilling hammer for hammering the pile drop into the ground by dropping or hydraulically.

16 Heavy Equipments Used in Building Construction