Details about high Rise Buildings Structural Systems

Requirement for high-rise buildings: The High rise buildings are gaining popularity in recent times for the following purposes -

? Shortage of land.
? High demand for business and residential space.
? Economic Growth.
? Technological Progression.

? Inventions in Structural Systems.
? Aspiration for aesthetics in urban settings.
? Cultural significance and prestige.
? Human Desire to build higher.

Now-a-days, the high rise buildings are constructed with steel-framed construction, reinforced concrete construction and steel- framed reinforced concrete construction. Besides, hybrid systems are developed during this time. These systems apply in excess of one type structural system in a building.

Structural Concern

Fighting gravity

? The weight of the building is supported with a wide array of vertical columns.
? Each floor is supported with horizontal steel girders driving among vertical columns.
? Curtain wall with steel and concrete are affixed to the outside.

Wind Resistance

? Building longer than 10 stories would normally need extra steel for lateral system.

? The elementary process for managing horizontal sway is to just brighten the structure. At the position, where the horizontal girders are connected to the vertical column, the construction crew bolt, welds them on the top and bottom as well as the side. It will facilitate the complete steel super structure to move more as one unit, like a pole, instead of a flexible skeleton.

? The impact of wind is also reduced by aerodynamic shaping of the building. Wind tunnel testing provides perfect loading for overall lateral system design and cladding design, and indicates motion perception and pedestrian level effects.

Details about high Rise Buildings Structural Systems