Top 10 Engineering Jobs In 2021

Nowadays field of engineering expands very quickly. Skilled engineers have many opportunities to get any popular engineering jobs in many industries. In this article we will discuss about the top 10 engineering jobs. The list is mentioned below.

Big Data Engineer

These days big data give many business opportunities. If complex data set are not structured in a specific way then they have no meaning at all. Big data engineer creates the hardware and system architecture.

This hardware and system architecture activate others for interpreting and utilizing the data. Annual salary of big data engineer is $155,500. Big data gives huge amount of opportunities for engineers.

Petroleum Engineers

Petroleum engineers develop different kind of methods or process that extract petroleum and natural gas from the ground. After extracting those material, they are used for creating energy. Their annual salary is $132,280. Petroleum engineering post is the highest paying job of 2021. This job type grows more faster than other types of engineering jobs over the five to ten years.

Computer Hardware Engineer

In this field they have to develop computer systems and elements such as circuit boards, memory devices and processors. This type of field is very good to solve analytical problem.

This field also requires good grab in mathematics and physics. Annual salary of computer hardware engineers is $115,120.

Aerospace Engineers

The job role is mainly to create aircraft, spacecraft, missiles and satellites. They have a very good designing skill with sharp analytical skills and any kind of problem sensitivity. According to the source of 2017 the annual pay is $113,030.

Nuclear Engineer

Nuclear engineers have to research, design and develop the necessary tools and instruments for utilizing the nuclear energy. The engineers are responsible for safety purpose of the nuclear project and they are also comfortable to do the complex work. According to 2017 the annual salary of the engineering post is $105,810. It is very prestigious job in the engineering field.

System Engineers

System engineers are responsible to manage the technical infrastructure of a company. They manage and maintain all the required software and hardware for moving forward. System engineers must have good communication skill and they have to translate the technical information to nontechnical teams. Annual salary of this job is $103,800.

Chemical Engineer

Chemical engineers are responsible for producing compounds which is used in fuel, food, pharmaceutical and many more. This is a very good career option for those engineers who studied biology, chemistry and physics.

Electrical Engineer

The job role of electric engineers is to develop electrical and electronic elements like electric motors, Rader end navigation systems. They are also able to work in different industries. They also work for developing the broadcasting or communications system. According to the source of 2017 the annual pay of electrical engineers is $97, 970 per year.

Biomedical Engineer

Their job role is to develop tools for medical professionals so that they can diagnose and treat the patients very easily. The average pay of biomedical engineers is $88,040. According to the U.S. News and World report Department of Biomedical Engineering of Case Western Reserve has done great job.

Environmental Engineer

They work to solve the difficult environment related problems. They use the engineering skills, earth science, biology, chemistry to make solution of current environment related problems. They have to spend a lot of time in job site. The annual salary of an environmental engineer is $86,800.

Wrap Up

In this article we discussed about various types of engineering jobs and opportunities to get this job in 2021. If readers like this article please share your valuable opinion with us. readers can write down their comments in the comment box below the article.

Top 10 Engineering Jobs In 2021