Hollow Brick: The New Generation of Brick

Brick is an essential item requires for any construction have been here since bricks creation. People do not give attention to proper brick which could be used in house building.

There are lots of brick with their advantages and disadvantages. Hollow brick is the latest technology in the bricks segment. In the market, the huge assortment of bricks is available.

Before the building is constructed, it is essential to select the right kind of bricks. Otherwise it will create a shorter span of your building.

Definition of Hollow Bricks

Hollow bricks in other words Porotherm Bricks is a new era of brick that has been making huge noise in the construction industry. Porotherm HP bricks are 60% lighter than a concrete solid block.

The Hollow bricks have been manufactured by an Austrian-based multinational Manufacturer Wienerberger who was considered to be the World?s biggest brick manufacturer company in the world with over 215 production units across 30 countries, including India.

There are some hi-tech features of Hollow brick as follows:

1. Hollow bricks can be looked either horizontally or vertically. Hollow bricks performance is proven to be very good compared to other traditional brick.

2. Hollow bricks light weighted feature gives boost to faster construction as they can be easily handled on the site.

3. These bricks are environment friendly of absorbing very less water. Hollow brick gives very few chances of efflorescence on the wall?s construction?s better view.

4. Hollow bricks are manufactured by recycled waste and materials like coal ash, rice husk, and fly ash. It is certified by the Green Building Council of India as an Eco-friendly Construction material.

5. Hollow bricks extremely lightweight feature enables to reduce the dead load of the Structure.

6. These bricks use in building?s partition wall, However they can also be used in load-bearing walls because of their strength.

7. The hollow space of the poles present in the hollow bricks is used for plumbing and electrical wiring which is impossible in traditional bricks.

8. These bricks have thermal insulation properties that help to reduce the heating/cooling effects.

9. The architectural aesthetics of Hollow bricks give a better view as compared to solid bricks. Those bricks are safe in fire due to their fire resistant feature.

Why Use Hollow Bricks?

Hollow bricks can be used in both build load-bearing and non-load-bearing walls depending upon the compressive strengths of the material used. To use hollow bricks here is some point helps you understand the essence of using these bricks.

A. Green Living
B. Energy Conservation
C. Thermal and Sound Insulation
D. Better Usage and Strength
E. Cost-Effective and Low Maintenance.
F. Time-Saving
G. Mortar Consumption
H. Less Dead Load
I. Eco-Friendly Construction Material
J. Easy Electrical Installation


Hollow bricks are mostly suitable for the partition wall construction. But they can be conveniently used in load-bearing structures helps you build your dream home of 3 floors for your family.

Hollow Bricks can absorb water around 15 percent of its overall weight which is much higher than any other brick.

Hollow bricks least weight helps the constructor to bring down the overall structural cost. Labor costs would be cut down due to features of hollow bricks.

Non efflorescence on the surface of hollow bricks as against solid ones gives the low maintenance costs to the constructor.

The hollow bricks are larger which helps less mortar to fill the lesser amount of joints. The thermal insulation feature helps to keep indoor natural cool down all year. These your energy costs substantially down due to this above features help you?re building live longer and stonger.

Hollow Brick: The New Generation of Brick