How to create rate analysis of civil works

Each construction project is segregated into various numbers of activities. Each activity is supported with types of civil or construction works.

As for instance, when a building is constructed there are various activities like excavation or earthwork, concrete work, masonry work, wood work such as doors and windows, plumbing, flooring, waterproofing, finishing work like plastering, painting and distempering.

The Activity earthwork is segregated into different types depending on depth and type of soil. As for instance, an excavation of 1.5m deep in soft soil, an excavation of 3m deep in hard soil. Similarly, concrete work is segregated into several types on the basis of its mix proportions and its placement.

As for instance, M25 reinforced concrete is suitable in foundation, M30 reinforced concrete work in columns, slabs etc. Similarly, there are various small civil works in each construction project.

The construction project cost is estimated on the basis of each works related to each construction activity. Thus it is necessary to compute the cost of each small works.

Rate analysis of Civil Works or Building Works is the determination of cost of each construction work per unit quantity.

This cost includes the cost of materials, labors, machinery, contractors profit and other diverse insignificant expenses essential for the specific work that should be executed in unit quantity.

As for instance, cost of 1 cubic meter of M20 RCC work in slab, Cost of 1 cubic meter of excavation in soft soil of 1.5m depth, cost of 1 square meter of plastering of 20mm, cost of 1 square meter of painting work with specified paint in 2 layers or 3 layers as necessary.

Compute the cost of materials in rate analysis as composite of cost of material at origin, its transportation costs, taxes. The rate of labor is set with skill of the labor, like skilled labor, semi-skilled and unskilled labor. The cost of materials and labors differ from place to place. Thus, the cost of each construction work fluctuates from place to place.

How to create rate analysis of civil works