How to design the RCC columns inexpensively

This construction article is extracted from The articles sheds light on how to minimize the cost by creating the design of reinforcement column as well as its construction practices and recommendations inexpensively.

Columns are considered as the most vital components in reinforced concrete structures and they ensure the security and constancy of the structure significantly.

Because of various factors, the cost of a column for each linear meter per MPa of load bearing strength fluctuates considerably. As for instance, the position of the column in the structure (outside column and inside column) and the configuration of the loads enforced on the column and others.

Given below, some other types of recommendations and measure which can reduce the cost of designing and development of reinforced concrete column significantly.

Recommendations for inexpensive design of Reinforced Concrete Columns

1. Potency of concrete used for reinforced concrete column
2. Formwork employed for casting reinforced concrete column
3. Steel reinforcements applied in the reinforced concrete column construction
4. Details of reinforcement of concrete column

Strength of Concrete for Reinforced Concrete Column

An important recommendation given for concrete strength is the utilization of utmost concrete compressive strength required to bear factored loads and least allowable reinforcement ratio. It is due to the lowest price that should be attained when such measure is undertaken as the cost of reinforcement decreases.

It is suggested that, if the least reinforcement ratio is employed for a specified column, it can minimize total column cost considerably (around 32% for concrete strength of 56MPa and 57% for concrete strength of 100MPa) relating to the case where highest reinforcement ratio is applied.

The nominal size of columns in multi storied structures is indicated on the basis of the utmost concrete compressive strength and a constraint on the highest reinforcement ratio.

If the size of column is smaller than the least permissible size at the base of the structure, then reinforcement ratio should be reduced.

Lastly, both reinforcement ratio and concrete compressive strength are reduced as the enforced factored loads decline in the upper stories.

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How to design the RCC columns inexpensively