How to measure prying force in bolted connection

This is another useful construction tutorial from Dr. Chirag Patel. In this video, you will learn how to make detail measurement for "Prying Force" in bolted steel structural connection as well as remove it?s effect.

In a tension or hanger connection, the operative load creates tension in the bolts and the bolts are designed as tension members. If the connected plate is admissible to deform, supplementary tensile forces known as prying forces are developed in the bolts.

In this video example is given for verifying the exact capacity of a D hanger connection based on the following dimension :-

Bolt Diameter = 30 mm
Bolt Grade = 4.6

Dimension of end plate = 230 x 150 mm
Thickness of T-flange = 32 mm

The connection will not collapse if the tension capacity is higher than total load. Here, tension capacity is taken as 200 kN.

To learn the detail calculation process, go through the following video tutorial.

Video Source: Dr. Chirag N. Patel

How to measure prying force in bolted connection