How to set up formwork in high rise structures

Aluminum formwork is very effective for both high and low-rise concrete construction projects. Aluminum formwork technology can significantly minimize the labor costs as well as makes the project cycles shorter.

WTF aluminum formwork is a highly recognized construction system for building up cast in place concrete structures. WTF offers aluminum formwork for reinforced concrete construction ranging from single and multi-story buildings and facilitates the walls and slab to be positioned monolithically in the similar operation. It enhances efficiency and builds up an extremely robust structure with superb concrete finish.

The WTF Aluminum Formwork System is excellent since it builds all of the components in the structure along with walls, floor slabs, columns, beams, stairs, window details, balconies, and different decorative features with adherence to the architect's design.

WTF aluminum formwork technology is a complete system that can be employed for simple column, beam and slab constructions through to more complicated features like curved structures, staircases, and all architectural features.

Go through the following video tutorial to learn how WTF aluminum form is set up in high rise structure.

Video Source: Civil Engineering

How to set up formwork in high rise structures