Innovating Coatings for Construction: Revo Color

An outdoor and indoor pigmented, textured, and Cementitious coating for various structural members in buildings, especially walls, Revo Color works well on various structural members. Structures appear more organic and natural when they are painted with it, and it provides an organic and natural color.

When spring arrives, the frozen ground and threat of frost makes it impossible to begin the dozens of lawn and gardening projects you've been thinking about over the long, cold winter. However, those warm temperatures and sunny afternoons beg you to get outside and take care of your neglected landscape and outdoor living areas around your home that were buried in snow and ice all winter.

The Revo Color render is pigmented, textured, Cementitious, and can be applied up to a thickness of 5mm. A fine texture coating like Paris Stone and a coarse texture coating like Morelia have the same finish.

Indoors and outdoors, it can only be used on walls. You can achieve an organic, natural, or Mediterranean look with Revo Color.

Patching plaster and paint can replace fine plaster in just one step, saving both time and money.

Construction Procedure of Revo color

Cracks and moisture should not be present on the surface. A negative humidity level should not exist. It is recommended that you store Revo Color bags in a dry, cool, and closed container. Six months are the shelf life of Revo Color bags.

With a surface thickness of 2-3mm, Revo color coating is ideal for tougher environments such as shops and exteriors.

You have three main options when applying rovo color. You can apply rovo color to your home the fastest by using a compressor or pump-up garden sprayer. The blowing of wind may alter the color on windy days. It may also require several coats to achieve the thickest application with this option.

There is also the option of painting the railings and posts with a paint roller, but it may be difficult to coat the areas around the posts properly. The color will take longer to work in, but it can reach most of the board's pores if applied with a simple paintbrush.

Revo Color Maintenance

Remove stains from Revo Color coatings without using abrasive tools. Sealant should be applied periodically to outdoor surfaces. Sealants must be applied to a clean surface before they can be applied.

Four parts of Revo Color powder are mixed with one part of water to create the Revo Color mixture. Compared to other coatings like fine plaster, Revo Color serves as both plaster and paint simultaneously. It consists of a thin coating that can be applied quickly that has a thickness of around 5 mm.


Buildings' interior and exterior surfaces, especially vertical surfaces, can be painted with it. Shops, homes, hotels, stores, and restaurants can benefit from Revo Color.

With Revo color, you can apply it to interior and exterior surfaces without joining or breaking. Application and maintenance are reduced because they can be applied over existing materials.

Compared to Micro-Cement, Revo color offers a smoother finish and better slip resistance, with the same clean and simple appearance.

Merits of Revo Color

1. There is no need to paint or maintain Revo Color.
2. UV rays are not absorbed by it.
3. Water can be used to clean it easily.
4. A great deal of resistance and hardness can be found in RevoColor.

To learn more, watch the following video tutorial.

Video Source: Brenntag Group

Wrapping it Up

Getting your hands dirty is a great way to improve the appearance of your home this spring. In many Revo color products available on the market, volatile organic compounds are present.

Innovating Coatings for Construction: Revo Color