Some useful tips for making inspection of reinforcement in jobsite

Though the inspection of reinforcement involves lots of complexities and huge cost, but the problem should be properly resolved by appointing a standard consulting firm for accomplishing the inspection work.

The first step should be checking drawing. One must have adequate knowledge for analyzing a rebar drawing. The field engineers should have proper knowledge & capability to communicate with it in the jobsite.

To become an efficient rebar checker, practice for reading drawings on a regular basis. For this purpose one should gather proper knowledge with the steel rebar binding process. Given below, some useful tricks provided by some top peers who have lots of experience in this field :-

It is suggested to carry a measuring tape with yourself all the times for the purpose of examining the spacing and the splice or development length.

One should have clear conception on physical features of the construction component i.e. if some type of drainage pipe or electrical conduit should be set up or water stopper should be substituted or any other pipes / implanted item should be arranged.

Initially, the diameter of rebar should be examined properly through a vernier caliper. The other important things which should be examined thoroughly are rebar spacing, rebar development length, lap / splice length, alignment, no sag or buckling present in the bars, the couplers should be perfectly set and tightened, bars should be perfectly fixed, there should not be any rust on the bars, check for proper clear cover, no of bars should be computed properly and be similar with the drawings and should not be under or over 2 bars which are arranged there.

Always take suggestions from the contractor?s foreman or site engineer for the placement of the bars.

One should have sound knowledge with the steel quality tests like tensile strength check or torsion failure strength or coupler tension strength check etc. Make sure that the applied steel is taken from the verified lot and must not be a failed quality.

Though proper execution of design becomes very complicated because of inconsiderate field conditions and difficultly in installation / fixing of rebars, but always ensure the design of reinforcement is completely perfect as improper design can lead to failure of a building if fully neglected / violated.

Always keep in mind that the orientation of bars like main rebars should be under the distribution or temperature rebars. It can be verified from the drawings delivered to you.

Some useful tips for making inspection of reinforcement in jobsite