How to use kani?s method for making analysis of continuous beam

In this construction video tutorial, the renowned civil engineer, Mr. Parag Pal, has briefly explained how kanis method is used to continuous beam that contains fixed ends, to evaluate the beam and obtain the final moments.

The continuous beam comprises of the point load and the UDL load.

This method was developed by Dr. Gasper Kani of Germany in 1947.

The method provides a iterative scheme for employing slope deflection method. It is mostly recognized for frame analysis.

It comprises allotting the unidentified fixed end moments of structural members to adjoining joints, with the purpose of meeting the conditions of continuity of slopes and displacements.


1. Kani?s method circulates the total joint moment at any phase of iteration.

2. The more crucial feature of Kani?s method is that it is self reformative. If any fault occurs at any phase of iteration, amendment is made in consequent steps.

Framed structures are seldom symmetric and dependent on side sway, therefore Kani?s method is considered as greatest and much easier as compared to other methods like moment distribution method and slope displacement method.

To get more information on kani?s method, go through the following video tutorial.

Video Source: Parag Pal

How to use kani?s method for making analysis of continuous beam