Top 10 Longest Bridges in U.S.A.

A bridge is a special structure which is built to overcome physical obstacle like water, valley, and road. The purpose of the bridge is to make a passage over the obstacle. Here we will discuss about the top 10 longest bridges in U.S.A.

Lake Pontchartrain Causeway

This bridge built in 1956. This bridge built over the lake named lake Pontchartrain. It is the longest bridge not only in U.S.A but also in the world according to Guinnes book of world record. This bridge is made of two parallel bridges with terminals I Metairie and Mandeville. Length of the bridge is 24 miles. This bridge situates in Louisiana. Cost of making this bridge is $46 at that time.

Manchac Swamp Bridge

This bridge is the longest toll-free bridge over water in U.S.A. The bridge is connected interstate 55 and U.S. route 51 over the Manchac swamp. This bridge is 23 mile long and situates in Louisiana in 1979. This bridge is made of concrete twin trestle structure and very expensive. The cost of the bridge is $7 million per mile. To ensure structural stability the piles of the bridge is driven 250 feet.

Atchafalaya Basin Bridge

This bridge constructed over Atchafalaya basin in Louisiana. It built in 1973. Length of the bridge is 18 miles. People call this bridge as Louisiana airborne memorial bridge. Making of the bridge was very tough because of its diversity of surrounding situation.

Chesapeake Bay Bridge Tunnel

This bridge built over Chesapeake Bay in Virginia. It was built in 1964 to connect the Virginia?s eastern shore and south Hampton road. This bridge includes four lanes of traffic.

The length of the bridge is 17.6 miles long. This bridge is combination of two tunnels and each of the tunnel is one mile ling. According to the source in 2018 approximately 130 million vehicles crossed the bridge.

I-10 Bonnet Carre Spillway Bridge

This bridge constructed over Bonnet carre Spillway, Lake Pontchartrain, and LaBranche wetlands in 1972 in Louisiana. This bridge is 11 mile long. This bridge detaches the excess water from the Mississippi river to the Lake Pontchartrain of preventing flood. This bridge is made of concrete trestle and it goes towards the Spillway dike and guide them to interstate 10.

San Mateo-Hayward Bridge

This bridge is also called as San Mateo bridge. This bridge built over the San Francisco bay to connect the San Francisco Penisula and the east bay in 1929. It situates in Florida.

This bridge replaced in 1960. During replacement this cost of the bridge was $70 million. This bridge 7 miles long. This bridge has two lanes.

Seven-mile Bridge

This bridge crossed over Moser channel in Florida to connect the Little Duck Key to its neighbor Knight?s key, a part of Marathon, Florida. It built in 1912. This bridge is 6.7 miles long. In the middle of this bridge there is an arc for passing the boats. The purpose of the bridge is to expand trade to Caribbean. This bridge replaced after the damage from Hurricane Donna.

General W.K. Wilson Jr. Bridge

This bridge is constructed over Mobile Tensaw River Delta in California in 1980. Length of the bridge is 5.49 mile. This bridge is also called as Dolly Parton Bridge. In 2014 this bridge had to close down temporarily because of the accident of two large semi-truck.

Frank Davis Naturally N? Awlins Memorial Nridge

This bridge is the two-parallel trestle bridges that crossed over the Lake Pontchartrain. Most of the construction and assembly process is happened in the nearby boat. This bridge built in Louisiana in 2006. This bridge is 5.4 miles long. Original two spans of the bridge are opened in 1965 but it has to reconstructed due to the Hurricane Katrina.

Richmond-San Rafael Bridge

This bridge is constructed over the San Francisco bay and San Pablo bay in 1957. This bridge situates in California. Length of the bridge is 5.5 miles. This is a toll bridge. Toll fees are collected from westbound traffic.

So, in this article we discuss elaborately about the bridge, how it made, top ten bridges in United State of America, location, length, replacement of the bridges. If readers like this post please share your comment below this article and let us know about your opinion.

Top 10 Longest Bridges in U.S.A.