Details about low cost housing

Low Cost Housing is gaining popularity in recent times. This type of housing is based on productive budgeting and useful methods which facilitate decreasing the construction cost through the application of locally obtainable materials together with superior skills and technology devoid of comprising the strength, performance and longevity of the structure.

The low cost housing is performed by managing all the resources perfectly. The cost reduction is possible by suspending finishing works or utilizing them in phases.

Building Cost - The building construction cost is segregated as follow:

Building material cost : 65 to 70 %

Labour cost : 65 to 70 %

In low cost housing, building material cost is reduced due to application of the locally obtainable materials. Besides, the labour cost is also decreased by correctly making the time schedule of the work. The cost is decreased with the selection of more efficient material or by a superior design.

The cost can be decreased in the following areas :-

1) Minimize the plinth area with the use of thinner wall concept. As for instance 15 cms thick solid concrete block wall.

2) The locally obtainable material should be employed in a untraditional form like soil cement blocks instead of burnt brick.
3) Apply energy efficient materials so that less energy is consumed, as for instance, concrete block instead of burnt brick.
4) Apply eco-friendly materials in place of traditional building constituents, as for instance R.C.C. Door and window frames instead of wooden frames.
5) Plan in advance each constituent of a house and streamline the design method for minimizing the size of the constituent in the building.

6) By planning every constituent of a house the wastage of materials caused by demolition of the unplanned component of the house is bypassed.
7) Each constituent of the house should be verified whether if it?s necessary, if it is unnecessary, then that constituent should not be applied.

Details about low cost housing