Make your estimating process smarter with Target Value Design (TVD)

Target Value Design stands for a collaborative design method undertaken by the designers, builders, suppliers, estimators and owners co-located in one place to co-actively generate a design that brings the best value for the Owner.

The target value alias budget refers to a design standard. The team makes the designs on the basis of budget rather than the traditional method of estimating the cost of the design, and then re-designing to get rid of overruns. The TVD method is based on responsibility-based project delivery planning and dependent on lean systems thinking between team members.

With this method, the estimator gets updated with all the probable design changes throughout the preconstruction stage. Changes are only accepted when the team understands the effect of the cost by making a brief analysis handled by the lead estimator. If managed perfectly, the TVD process will develop a project that fulfills or goes beyond all expectations.

Most estimators have to perform with design-build or design-assist projects with reactive costing cycles. This is not chosen on the consent of the estimator but the result of a conventional approach that is recognized as ?the norm.?

Sometimes, it becomes essential to modify the method precisely because of unique variables like size, structural, mechanical code, calculated load elements, preconstruction makeup, and project intricacy.

Given below, some useful features of TVD:

? The team should have been formed with leaders from design, engineering, construction, owner and estimating. All members of the team have to work in tandem for the satisfaction of the customer.

? The lead estimator is administrator of the method.

? The method is a culture that is formulated on commitment, collaboration, and mutual learning which should have been built up and understood initially prior to development of the team. It, apparently, will necessitate educating your team on TVD culture and expectations. It is vital that all team members are involved with the method.
? In the method, a crucial order of thought is ?cost should have been proactive and not reactive.? Designers should search for information and contribution from the team on design ideas when they are formed. There is a solid match among ?cause and effect? because it involves design and cost.

? The success of the TVD project is dependent on the team with the capacity to undertake inventive time- and money-saving ideas. The team should contain open mind to alternating approaches, like simplifying of details and application of manufactured systems instead of field built up.

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Make your estimating process smarter with Target Value Design (TVD)
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