Method Statement For Column

To retain perfect line & location of columns/walls, the starter/kicker should be provided for each column & the location of shear walls, column wall hould be marked on raft/slab top to place starter/kicker.

The following points should be remembered :-

1. Starters should be made of 100 mm x 50 mm channel section.
2. Concreting of starter should start once verification of layout with required clearance from clients.
3. Column wall shutters/boxes should be 12mm thick film coated ply containing backing angles at the edges and flat at the center about 300C/C both ways. The lift for columns should normally have 2.4 m height but it may change as per requirement.

4. Vertical reinforcement bars and Stirrups should be arranged according to drawings & BBS verified by clients and duly secured with binding wire.
5. The reinforcement bars should be retained in exact location firmly from sway with proper scaffolding arrangement.
6. There should be exact cover to the reinforcement with sufficient numbers of concrete cover blocks.
7. Column shutters should be constructed perfectly to line and plumb and there should be sufficient supports to retain the same in exact location during & after concreting.
8. There should be exact staged platform for concreting.

9. Concrete pour card should be formed depending on the sanctioned format and maintained for each pour duly signed by the client.
10. Columns have to be poured in layers of 300 mm thick and each layer is to be vibrated properly.
11. There should be sufficient numbers of skilled and unskilled manpower to take delivery of the concrete.
12. In night work, there should be perfect arrangements for lighting.
13. Construction and expansion joints should be arranged and treated as per instructions/specifications.

14. Any loose deposited concrete should be eliminated & discharged.
15. Hessian cloth should be provided and covered around the column/wall for retaining the component soaked for at least of 14 days.

De-shuttering should be executed after 12 hours/24 hours upon completion of casting of individual pours according to technical requirements and codal provisions.

Method Statement For Column