Methods to save sun shade for life long

Sun is the source of our energy; in the construction energy this sun plays a vital role as it helps to dry the site, helps to get the moisture far away from the materials etc.

But it is also true that shade is important in construction process as it plays as a protection shield for rest of the things like doors, window and inner sides of building form the scorching hot sun light and rain water. So if the sun shade is not placed and finished successfully, many problem will come one after another; major failure will be seen in the buildings also.

A sunshade is basically a metal shutter which is installed horizontally over a window and/or vertically in front of a window to stop the insertion of solar heat or glare while allowing daylight views.

Originally metal sunshades were known as ?eyebrows? and simply added an extra dimension to a relatively flat surface. They were known as more of a building?s aesthetic feature than a functional one and also one of the first things to execute of the building to decrease owner?s cost.

This article is strongly dedicated to know about the right method of placing and finishing a sun shade through some easy steps.

Placing a Sunshade concrete in perfect way:

? Reinforcement placing and leaving correct clear covers are the two most important factors in sun shade.
? In Sunshade, Main rod should be on top of the concrete to make the balance of the negative bending movement.
? The development length of sun shade should be followed and inserted to lintel beam as without development length of a rod for sunshade may lead to failure.

Finishing a Sunshade concrete in perfect way: A sunshade must be finished with water proofing where Flat tile should be on top and projected for half inch around three sides. Sunshade ceiling should have a water blocking border on its edge; at joint of the wall and sunshade the flat tile would be inserted to plastering to prevent the water.

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Methods to save sun shade for life long