Some misconceptions in concrete and cement sectors

This construction video tutorial presented by Portland Cement Association, focuses on some most recognized but fallacious concepts in concrete construction specifically the most usual mistakes related to cement and concrete industries.

The video is supported with examples, interviews, and illustrations and very effective for the workers who have good experience levels.

Given below, the proper steps to get rid of these misconceptions :-

Wrong Idea: A concrete mix should be identified with the number of bags of cement.

Fact: Besides, cement content, mixes should be also identified on the basis of performance and needs. Identifying bags of cement devoid of bonding in the amount of water is no specification in any case. One of the most vital points of a concrete mix belongs to the water to cement ratio. Mixes required to satisfy performance requirements via a minimum compressive strength that monitored with the amount of water in the mix not only the cement content.

Wrong Idea: The only method to raise slump is to include water to the mix.

Fact: Besides adding water, the slump of concrete can be raised with several methods. If only one gallon of water is added to one cubic yard of concrete, effect will be raising slump just one inch and reducing compressive strength 150 to 200 psi. Therefore, approx. one quarter bag of cement will be wasted and shrinkage will be raised. In order to set slump the jobsite devoid of inclusion of more water, it is suggested to apply a water reducer or super plasticizer at the jobsite to raise the slump whereas sustaining the water to cement ratio.

To get more information, watch the following video.

Some misconceptions in concrete and cement sectors