Construction Method of Modern Building

Nowadays global industry of building is depended on advanced technologies and methods. in this article we will discuss about the technologies and methods.

Modular construction

Modular construction is also known as 3D Volumetric construction. This construction is about 3-dimensional unit?s production in controlled factory. Modules have different shape available in site.

This module construction starts from very basic to all internal and external services installed, ready to assembly construction. The modules use the benefits of factory conditions. So that it makes units where need for speedy assembly on site make it very much desirable.

This method also offers different kind of natural benefits. The benefits are mentioned below:

1. Thermal mass
2. Sound resistance
3. It also prevents fire
4. It also offers good quality of perfection.

Form of tunnel

Tunnel form is a system of formwork. By using this method contractor also build walls and slabs in one operation on daily basis. It also

A. Increases the speed, quality and perfections.
B. It has sound resistance.
C. It has fire resistance also.
D. It is ready to mix concrete.
E. It is very affordable than others.
F. This method is also flexible.

This method is perfect for repetitive projects like hotel and student accommodation. the formwork part is very large. This formwork has to be pick off by crane from the side of building. The formwork is not good for tight sites.

The Concrete Center published ?High performance buildings using tunnel form concrete construction?. Viewers can get many more information from this. The concrete center published another journal named ?Residential Cellular Concrete Building?. Here viewers can also find construction based more detailed advices.

Using Flat slabs

As formworks are simplified and minimized so flat slabs are made very quickly nowadays. A combination of early striking and panelized formwork systems is used to achieve rapid turnaround. Prefabricated service can be used because the service zones do not interrupt beneath the floor slab. Flat slab construction also offers the increasement of overall construction. It also simplifies the service installation.

Flat slab construction gives no restriction in horizontal services. It is more affordable than others. this is very useful to those customers who can replace internal elements and change the use of structure.

Hybrid concrete construction

Hybrid concrete construction has several benefits. The benefits are mentioned below.

1. It has benefit of precasting.
2. It has the advantages of cast in-situ.
3. This type of construction increases the speed of construction.
4. It also increases the construction?s quality high.
5. This type of construction is very affordable to the users.
6. This type of construction also meets the clients desires by provide higher quality in lower range of cost.

This type of construction provides high level of thermal insulation and sound insulation are provided by concrete core.

Using Thin Joint Masonry

Thin joint masonry is a kind of construction method. This type of construction allows the mortar from 10mm to 3mm or more less than that. This type of construction also increases the productivity very good.

This type of construction also increases the laying speed. If users use large format concrete block then construction speed can be increased by 13.5 percent. The mortar achieves full bond of strength within two hours. This type of construction eliminates the problem of floating.

Insulation of Concrete Formwork

ICF stands for insulation of Concrete Formwork. This type of construction has polystyrene panels that have twin walled. This type of panels or blocks are quickly made so that it can make formwork for the walls of particular building.

Then factory produced, assured quality and ready to mix concrete filled into the Formwork. This panels or blocks provide high quality of thermal insulation.

The concrete core also provides good quality of sound insulation. Viewers can get more information about this in the journal named Insulating Concrete Formwork.

Using Precast Foundation

This type of construction can be used in construct foundation. The elements of this construction are bespoke design. This type of construction is also used in factory environment. This type of construction also provides high quality for finished products.

Concrete piles also support this foundation and can be connected together. This system increases quality of productivity under specific weather condition. This type of construction also reduces the huge amount of mining. in results it saves a lot of timing.

Construction Method of Modern Building