Compaction Rollers Offset for Road Widening: Benefits for Safety Construction

It is always worth investing every dollar in improving job site safety. Workplace safety, reducing insurance claims, and keeping workers on the job is of paramount importance.

In addition to compacting sloping shoulders, ditches, and other hard to reach areas along the road, the offset, patented design of the attachment allows the host machine to drive safely on flat ground. This task has traditionally put road crews in danger, increased workers' compensation costs, and reduced safety ratings due to rollover accidents.

Define Offset Arm Compaction Rollers

This tool category includes offset arm compaction attachments. Despite their niche nature, they do not seem to offer enough benefits to justify their use & value, and specifically how they can contribute to worker safety.

Define Offset Vibratory Rollers

Stone, asphalt, gravel, and topsoil can all be compacted with the offset vibratory roller. Offset Vibratory Rollers become operational by connecting to the hydraulics of the host machine and pairing the remote control after being attached to the lift arm of the machine. The remote control allows a single crew member to adjust height, angle, extension, and compaction of the attachment.

Offset Vibratory Rollers Workflow

There are three drum sizes to choose from: two, three or four feet wide. This offset vibratory roller has a total reach of nine feet. There is a 30 degree pivot point, a 30 inch reach below the mounting point, and the drums are interchangeable.

The cost of additional drums, as opposed than multiple self propelled machines containing faulty engines, means that road crews are able to take on jobs of varying sizes and aggregates. Vibratory compaction is also provided between 2500 to 3500 vibrations per minute for optimal results.

By inserting the lift arm pads from the host machine into the Offset Vibratory Roller's universal mounting pad, the Offset Vibratory Roller can be attached to any host loader, skid steer, compact track loader, or road grader.

It is also possible to use an adapter plate for compact backhoes and telescopic loaders that are not readily equipped to accept standard attachments. A hydraulic system suitable for offsetting the vibration is available for the Offset Vibratory Roller.

Key Issues while using Offset Arm Compaction Rollers

Especially on uneven and side sloped surfaces, traditional ride on compaction equipment is a potentially problematic design. When road construction equipment gives way to gravity while compacting a steep slope, it is common for crew members to witness a silent rollover, jumping to safety. Because ride on compaction rollers are rigid and have a high center of gravity, they are prone to rollover accidents due to their lack of protection and stability.


Many contractors already own equipment that can be used with an offset compaction attachment to effectively avoid this far too common jobsite incident. A compaction attachment on offset vibratory rollers ensures a safe work environment regardless of the angle at which materials are compacted from flat ground.

Key Issues while using Offset Vibratory Rollers

Using the Offset Vibratory Roller instead of self propelled compaction machines that are more prone to tipping reduces workers' compensation claims, lowers insurance premiums, and increases contractors' safety ratings, all of which are essential for contracting.

Offset Vibratory Rollers Maintenance

By eliminating traditional engine and transmission service, the Offset Vibratory Roller requires ninety percent less maintenance than self propelled machines. If operating in adverse conditions, the Offset Vibratory Roller needs to be lubricated every 10 hours.

Additionally, the daily maintenance routine includes checking the hardware and hydraulics and cleaning.

Wrapping it Up

It is always possible to accomplish a task in more than one way. As contractors have access to so many versatile tools, and more are being introduced every year, it can be overwhelming to figure out which machine is the best fit for a particular task & more importantly, whether the investment is worth it.

To learn more, watch the following video tutorial.

Video Source: Construction Equipment Guide

Using the engine and hydraulics of the host machine, the Offset Vibratory Roller attaches to most loaders, graders, compact track loaders, and skid steers.

In addition to offering the versatility of three interchangeable drum sizes and up to 30 degree pivoting angles, the host machine also reduces maintenance by ninety percent compared to self propelled rollers.

Compaction Rollers Offset for Road Widening: Benefits for Safety Construction