Online demonstration of QuickSuite 4.0 ? A robust software for structural engineer

IES has developed QuickSuite 4.0, a powerful software for perfect structural design.

This product is comprised of four standalone tools which range from QuickRWall, QuickFooting, QuickMasonry, and QuickConcreteWall. These products can be set up collectively or any single product can be chosen for downloading as per your choice.

QuickRWall: QuickRWall is mostly recognized among structural engineers for designing retaining wall efficiently. It will facilitate the structural engineers to create superior quality wall design in quickest possible time. The reports are supported with full equations and intermediate data is instantly accessible for full checking. QuickRWall contains good graphical interface and very user-friendly.

Wall Configurations:

? Cantilever Retaining Walls
? Gravity Retaining Walls (ACI Chapter 22)
? Restrained Walls, Basement Walls, Propped Cantilevers
? Tapered (Battered) or Stepped

Wall Materials:

? Concrete,
? Masonry
? Mixed Concrete & Masonry

QuickConcreteWall: QuickConcreteWall is specifically designed for reinforced concrete shear walls and is considered as a handy tool for detailing a concrete wall depending on in-plane forces.

Complicated ACI interaction checks are accomplished instantly while adjusting design parameters and observe the results. Complete rebar detailing is provided in a productivity-quick format.

QuickFooting: Concrete spread footing (single column pad), is imported from VisualAnalysis. Design and examine reinforced concrete footings under a single column devoid of creating a complicated analysis model of the building.

It provides the following advantages :-

? Will verify different types of footings simultaneously (for worst case).
? Automatic sizing and detailing (optional).
? Advanced handling of biaxial loading
? Offset pedestal from footing center
? Checks footing, pedestal, and interface.
? Stability checks: Bearing pressure (net & gross), overturning, sliding, and uplift.
? Complete units flexibility.
? Perfect estimation of bearing pressure under biaxial loading.

QuickMasonry: It is an individual tool of masonry components that can deal with several structural components inside a single project file. The QuickMasonry "Project Management" tool is utilized to design a entire series of lintels and walls, for a single building in one project file, by adhering to the most updated masonry design specifications as well as a series of remarkable features.

The software deals with the following masonry components :-

? Lintels
? Bearing Walls
? Panel Walls (loads out of plane)
? Shear Walls
? Pilasters
? Columns
? Beams

Go through the following video to view the online demonstration of the software.

To download the software, go through the following link

Online demonstration of QuickSuite 4.0 ? A robust software for structural engineer