Various Types of Paint useful for Interior Walls and Exterior Surface

Paint refers to a finishing material that adds elegant look to a building. On the basis of technical specifications, an extensive lists of wall paint & types of paints as well as their application in construction.

It will allow you to employ the exact paints for the house, residential, office buildings, commercial and other industrial building construction projects.

1. Whitewash: Whitewash stands for a low-cost paint that is produced from a blend of slaked lime or powdered chalk. It is suitable for whitening brick walls, concrete walls, other wall surfaces, woodworks, etc.

2. Oil Paints: Various types of oils are found which range from linseed oil, Tung oil, poppy oil, nut oil. This oil paint belongs to slow drying paints that is formed with particles of pigment left over in a drying oil or oil varnish similar to the basic vehicle ingredient.

3. Emulsion Paint: Emulsions are formed by mixing two liquids which don?t blend perfectly. Two liquids can develop various types of emulsions.

4. Enamel Paints: Enamel paint is made of oil and contains a greatly lustrous finish. It is formed by blending white lead, zinc white, resinous matter and petroleum spirit. It is long lasting and contains a hard strong finish for the surface. It offers excellent coverage and colour preservation.

5. Bituminous: Bituminous paint is developed with asphalt bitumen or coal tar which liquefied in mineral spirit or naphtha. To attain required color, colouring pigments should be included with it. Bituminous Paints have good resistant power against alkaline so it is applied for underwater structure, weather protecting steelwork, waterproofing, wood, concrete and potable water tanks. It is also very effective for various types of exterior metal work and iron work like fire escapes, ladders etc.

6. Distemper Paint: Distemper belongs to water based paints that is useful for both interior and exterior walls. It is mainly formed with chalk, lime, water and some colouring pigments if required. It is presented in powder and paste form. It is inexpensive as compared to other paints. Distemper paints are categorized as one type of better white wash.

7. Luminous: Luminous paint glows in the dark because it contains a substance that emits light for a certain length of time after exposure to an energy source.

8. Epoxy Paint: Epoxy paint finished material is mainly utilized as a floor covering. It develops a solid and shiny surface upon application. Therefore, these paints are utilized in commercial building, industrial floors specifically pharmaceutical industry, operation theatres and garages because its strength and resistance against damage.

Various Types of Paint useful for Interior Walls and Exterior Surface