Benefits of post-tensioning concrete slabs in building

Post-tensioned concrete slabs in buildings provide various benefits over reinforced concrete slabs & other structural systems toward both single and multi-level structures. Described below, some of the advantages of the slabs :-

Longer Spans: Longer spans are utilized to lessen the number of columns. It leads to bigger, column free floor areas which significantly enhance the adaptability of application for the structure as well as leads to greater rental returns.

Entire structural cost: The complete cost of materials, labor and formwork which are essential to build up a floor is decreased for spans higher than 7 meters and consequently leads to huge cost savings.

Minimized floor to floor height: Thinner slabs are utilized for the similar imposed loads. The decreased section depths facilitate least building height together with consequent savings in facade costs. As a substitute, toward bigger buildings, it facilitates more floors to be developed inside the original building envelope.

Deflection Free Slabs: Unwanted deflections under service loads are virtually removed.

Water-resistant slabs: Post-tensioned slabs are designed to remain free from cracks and as a result water-resistant slabs should be formed with proper design, detailing and construction. The selection of concrete mix and curing method together with standard workmanship are also very important.

Early formwork stripping: The earlier stripping of formwork and curtailed backpropping requirements facilitate rapid construction cycles as well as fast reprocessing of formwork.

Materials Handling: The decreased material quantities in concrete and reinforcement significantly offer benefit to on-site carnage requirements. The stability of post-tensioning strand is roughly 4 times that of traditional reinforcement. So, the whole weight of reinforcing material is considerably minimized.

Column and footing design: The decreased floor dead loads are applied to create cost-effective design of the reinforcement concrete columns and footings. In multi-storied buildings, decreased column sizes may raise the floor net rentable area.

Benefits of post-tensioning concrete slabs in building