How to Pour Concrete on Slab on Grade (SOG)

Reason and extension: The reason for this strategy proclamation is to clarify the best possible technique on the best way to get ready and cast piece on grade 1 or any level component or part including obsession of steel support, MEP embedment, fixing of shade and so forth without wounds.

After refilling works the following is throwing chunks on grade (ground), ensuring that all the zones underneath grade pieces have been appropriately inlaid and compacted.

Endorsement must be gotten from the Engineer for waterproofing and inlaying works preceding beginning chunk on grade throwing.

Here is the technique articulation of Slab on Grade planning and concrete pouring. The purpose for this strategic statement is to clarify the best possible technique on the best way to get ready and cast section on grade 1 or any flat component or part including obsession of steel support, MEP embedment, fixing of screen and so forth without wounds.

Materials and References:

1. C40/20 Concrete Grade with added substances
2. Twisted bars or A393 BRC work
3. Affirmed drawing

Work technique: Site arranging

a. Conveyance ? new concrete will be bunched from the affirmed provider of concrete. Concrete will be conveyed direct to the site and to be gotten by colleague Quality Engineer for checking of the necessary models of concrete.
b. The right hand QC Engineer will ensure the concrete conveyed is according to the endorsed plan blend for the arranged part to be casted.
c. All information for testing on new concrete at site will be recorded on the concrete pour card.


1. After the blinding is casted and the position of waterproofing is done, the planning and throwing for the section on grade will be finished.
2. Fix the fortification steel according to the endorsed drawings, once in a while A393 BRC work is shown in the drawing and most ordinarily used in 250mm thick concrete evaluation section.

3. Any free fastener or ties along the joined support steel will be re-fixed. Twist internal the free parts of the bargains wire or ties.
4. Use PVC spacer for vertical bars and concrete spacer for base as concrete spreads.
5. Guarantee and facilitate with MEP staff for any MEP works required on the territory according to endorsed drawings.
6. Fix the structures such; bolsters, sleeves and so on., assuming any.
7. Any harmed materials utilized for structure work or shade like pressed wood will not be utilized.
8. All surface of structures or shade confronting concrete will be treated with covering oil and hose with water few moments before concrete will be poured.
9. Clean the pieces on grade utilizing air blowers for dust or any little particles or injurious materials that may weaken the usefulness of concrete.
10. The assessor will at that point check the degree of the anticipated top surface of the section and spot level strips if important to stamp the specific level.
11. The cementing must be organized with essential hardware or devices for cementing utilize, for example, vibrators, power skim machines, scoop and so on.

12. Talented and untalented work will need to utilize wellbeing necessities, for example, security head protector, wellbeing shoes, goggles, gloves, vest and so forth.
13. Security gadgets and wellbeing admonitions will be given beginning from the site entrance entryway till the throwing zone.
14. Legitimate lighting must be accessible if there should arise an occurrence of late evening cementing.
15. The concrete blender must be halted at the checkpoint for the review of droop test and to acquire test 3D squares for test.
16. One lot of blocks will be taken each 50 cubic meter concrete, each set comprising 6 3D shapes, 3 3D squares to be tried on the seventh days and 3 3D squares to be tried for 28th days.
17. Additional three 3D squares can be made for re-checking if in the event that conditions may occur.
18. Empty the concrete inside an hour and a half from the clustering plant stacking time.
19. Smaller the concrete appropriately by utilizing mechanical vibrators, additional vibrators will be accessible if there should arise an occurrence of any lack or mechanical issues.
20. Utilize endorsed hardener material in the wake of throwing concrete when required. Ensure applications will be according to the maker's suggestion.
21. Utilize the force drift for the smooth completion surface reason. Store additional force coast close to the throwing zone if there should be an occurrence of any mechanical failing.
22. Fix the three zones appropriately with covering concrete with hessian fabric and polythene sheet on top however before setting the concrete wet the hessian with water.
23. Fix the concrete by splashing water three times each day for a time of 7 days.
24. The three zones or parts will be secured by setting blockades to forestall plants and hardware harming the concrete.
25. Concrete pour cards will be filled by Quality Engineer and to be submitted to the Engineer including concrete conveyance takes note of, this errand will be done at whatever point required.
26. Concrete 3D shape test report will be submitted to the Engineer.


a. All works will consent to wellbeing methodology or guidance set out in venture security plan and region rules and guidelines.
b. Essential PPE to be worn by all staff and workers.
c. Prepared administrators and banksman would be locked in to control or work the overwhelming gear machine.
d. Give adequate lighting at whatever point late evening throwing.

Gear and apparatuses:

1. Concrete Pump
2. Concrete Mixer
3. Small truck
4. Bobcat truck
5. Concrete vibrators
6. Wheelbarrows
7. Droop plate
8. Droop cone and other related apparatuses
9. Elastic mallet

How to Pour Concrete on Slab on Grade (SOG)