Importance of pre-pour cards for concrete placement

Pre-pour checklists are very crucial for proper concrete placement. There should be an authentic verification and checking method to make sure that your next concrete placement is accurate. Without a pre/post pour checklist, huge is money is lost due to inappropriate lighting, incorrect mix design, slump, spacing, manpower etc.

In a pre-pour checklist, the following items should be included :-

1. Fill out as soon as the pour is already finished.
2. Fill it out 5 minutes prior to the pour
3. Left blank
4. Don?t have/use one.

Then it is required to re-assess what a good pre-pour checklist can achieve.

To make a pour card effective, the perfect process should be developed while running through the checklist. A perfect pre-pour process will achieve all the steps and the: Who, What, When, Where, How?.

Who: has verified, examined, checked, and figured: yardage, elevations, sleeves, anchor-bolts, embeds, reinforcing, elevations, mix design etc.

What: is being placed, size of pour, manpower required (footing, wall, column, SS, SOG, S.O.M.D)

When: is the pour occuring (Date, Time, truck spacing)?

Where: (Placement location, pump truck setup, truck route, wash out bin)

How: is it being placed (pump, screeds, equipment, lighting, safety, etc.)?

The pre/post pour cards facilitate a simple check and verifications. While a detailed assessment and paying special attention to detail and passing through all the steps to checkoff is accomplished, it will save your significant time and money and re-work as well as allow you planning and performing a effective pour.

Importance of pre-pour cards for concrete placement