Methods of Precast Concrete Constructions

Definition and Verity of Precast Concrete: Precast Concrete is something which is already made and people have relocate it on the place where they going make permanent structure. They need to build the structure by assembling the Concrete. Most of the cases peoples need crane for carry the structures and place it in the right position.

There have many types of precast concrete. Mainly there have six types of verity which help to build a perfect building, bridge or pipes etc. All the verity are important for a perfect base.

The first verity of precast concrete is precast beam. It has divided into two category, first is internal beam wherever floor loading is nearly symmetric and second one is external beam.

The second verity of precast concrete is precast floor slabs. Slabs has two sub-verity, first is hollow-core block and the second is double tee block.

The third verity is Precast Concrete Walls. It is actually a prefabricated concrete wall. It is work as a stabilizer. Under this verity stair and shaft also included which helps to hold the base. Those are carried as box. It?s also has two category , first is infill which is the column frame and composite action embodied with beam.

The second verity of Precast Concrete Walls is Cantilevr which helps to tilt the frames. Cantilever act as and deep beams which helps to hold strongly and build a strong base.

Next verity of the Precast Concrete is Precast Stair. Precast Stairs consisting all flights and landings and this parts of flight and landings are made in one piece. So the entire structure can be minimalistic.

The last verity of Precast Concrete is Precast Column. The verity of Precast Concrete are three type, first one is Edge Column second is Inner Column and the third one is Corner column. This entire column are help to build the perfect base for the huge structure.

Precast Concrete Manufacturing Process: The first things is procurement of the materials to build the concrete and handle and store them in proper manner. Then batching the components and laying of concrete in require. After that the concrete should compact, curing and finishing. Lastly carry those concrete to the site.

Advantages of Precast Concrete: The Concrete has a high erection speed and a good quality control. In spite of this, it will help to build very first. It helps to build the structure dimentions. It already pre build so its take less time to assemble.

Disadvantages of Precast Concrete: Precast Concrete are very heavy to work with it. It provide camber and a very low margin error.

This concrete slightly restrict the design flexibility and sometime it is hard to connect each parts. It is costly and most of the time require the workmanship. Due to have weight crane is essential.

Usage of Precast Concrete: Mainly it is used of buildings. But it has some other use also like bridge, electric poles, ornaments structure and pipes etc.

Methods of Precast Concrete Constructions