Why Should You Use Precast Hollowcore Slabs

While traditional construction still is mainstream, prefabricated construction is still becoming the trend for 2020 and beyond. Using precast hollowcore slabs is a favorite of modern constructors, and there are many good reasons for that. From structural quality to cost savings, from integrity to safety, these precast hollowcore slabs are champion. Today, let us go and see why you should use precast hollowcore slabs in your project.

Large span lengths

The precast hollowcore slabs have tube-like spaces running throughout the length of the slabs, and that takes out a lot of concrete out of the equation but doesn?t decrease the strength.

The result is a product that is very lightweight, strong and durable.

This technique reduces the need for excessive and unnecessary steel and masonry, while also reduces the need for extra beams and columns for support. These slabs also increase space that is quite valuable in urban construction.

Thinner decks

While hollowed-out insides provide a dramatic weight reduction while maintaining the structural abilities, it also gets a decreased depth ratio. This, in turn, will save you around 6 to 10 inches of space per floor. Isn?t that just excellent?

This space reduction will help immensely in decreasing the exterior wall height, especially in taller buildings. A 6-story building may get shortened by 4 feet, for example. You can cleverly use this 20% saved space to construct additional stories within height restriction, or just let it save your cost.

Fast installation

The precast hollowcore slabs are precisely made for quick installation. This is a great chance for you to hop ahead of the deadline. Less work, less time spent, less stress!

The reason why this is possible with precast hollowcore slabs is quite straightforward. Since they are so light, precast hollowcore slabs require much less support structure installation.

Also, they are delivered to the site ready-to-place. And obviously, you don?t have to wait long days for the concrete to set like in the traditional ways.

These slabs are so easy and quick to install, that you can setup up to 8000 square feet of them in a single day ? your manpower is the only limit here, not chemistry!

Fire resistance

Nobody likes to get caught in a fire ? but you still have to make sure your building?s structural members are quite impervious to standard building fires. Safety is the prime concern for all builders, right? Well, you can rest assured in case of precast hollowcore slabs. They may be light and empty inside ? but they are incredibly tough against heat.

They are made with non-combustible heat resistant chemicals that make these slabs able to withstand intense flames for at least 4 hours before they show any sign of damage. With these slabs in use, heat damage will stay in the original story in your building.

Noise insulation

People don?t think of this much while construction, but living noises from other floors can get very bothersome. Impactful sounds like footsteps and subwoofer bass can take your sleep and peace away. While standard wood and concrete floors offer little protection from inter-floor noises, the precast hollowcore slabs are much better.

Being hollow, they effectively have alternating air and concrete layers that provide great noise insulation that?s much needed in schools, apartments and offices.

Why Should You Use Precast Hollowcore Slabs