How to check quality of concrete in jobs site

The following precautions should be taken during preparation of good quality concrete:

To build up a quality, durable and strong structure, the concrete that is used should contain standard quality. A good quality concrete should be stable, condensed, workable and cost-effective.

The following properties should be maintained to produce a good quality concrete :-

1. The quality of aggregate should have been rigid and long-lasting.

2. The grading of the aggregates should be done perfectly and consistently.

3. Adequate quantities of cement should included in concrete to maintain necessary strength and water-resistance capability.

4. The water does not contain any organic or deleterious materials.

5. The quantity of water should be maintained in such a manner so that the uniformity is retained properly.

6. The proportion of water-cement should keep as minimum as possible.

7. To keep up conformity, mixing of concrete should be performed systematically.

8. To eliminate air bubbles and voids, the freshly arranged concrete should be compacted properly.

9. While transmitting the concrete to the job site, no segregation of or separation of materials should happen in concrete.

10. Concrete that is provided at the point of placing should have been homogeneous & contain right symmetry.

11. Ensure that the concrete is not thrown from a distance of high point to prevent segregation.

12. Curing of concrete should be done perfectly for minimum 28 days.

13. The temperature of concrete should be retained over the freezing point unless it gets rigid enough.

14. It should be stored in even horizontal layer having invariable thickness. Concrete should fill each section in this form.

How to check quality of concrete in jobs site