Prestressed Girder SUPERstructure design and analysis

It is powerful open source software that is used for designing and analyzing of precast-stress free girder bridges and can handle easily. It allows creating models in a simple way and continuously stretches structures and designs as per with the AASHTO LRFD Bridge Design Specifications.

It also has advanced Bridge Information Modeling or BrIM capabilities that help users to keep focused continuously on modeling, designing and analyzing real bridges.

PGSuper examines and designs formed girders for every critical stage such as: casting, lifting, carrying, building, service and final conditions. The automatic designer fixes the prestressing, solid strength, lifting, transportation and slab side requirements and this software has the broadest and detailed reports and every detailed calculation can be reviewed.

PGSuper 2.8.2 is created by the Washington State Department of Transportation?s Bridge and Structures Office and licensed under the Alternate Route Open Source License. The software file size is about 24.09 MB and works with the Windows only and is free to be used and can be modified by all; but it is not the most capable precast girder bridge design program. This software is mainly designed by Bridge Engineers to use n high-production design environments and supports a huge order of parametric shapes and has user defined filament, reinforment and stirrup layouts.

Here are some design specifications of PGSuper, such as:

? Has AASHTO LRFD 1998-2008
? It rectify all suitable specifications
? It is very much configurable

? Comes with User Input Stress Limits
? Can computed and has User-Input Distribution Factors
? Also has User-Input LRFD Load Modifiers
? Have five methods of Loss Calculations.

There is some other software that has the same features like PGSuper and here are some descriptions about them:

1. PGSPLIC 1.0: It is joined girder analysis software of Washington State Department of Transportation and has been developed for the Alternate Route Project.
2. BRIDGELINK 3.0: BridgeLink is an integrated bridge engineering software tool for analysis, design and load rating.
3. RSPBR2 1.3: It is a plane frame structural analysis program for supporting bridge engineers in design and checking beam bridges.

4. QCONBRIDGE 4.3.2: it is a live road analysis program to continuous bridge frames.
5. BARLIST: This program is used for calculating the weight of steel reinforcement bars which is used in a bridge structure and for assisting in the creation of barlist drawings for bridge project contract plans.
6. PSGSIMPLE: it is a spreadsheet that performs prior analysis of a precast prestressed bridge girder at the prestress transfer and service stages.

Prestressed Girder SUPERstructure design and analysis