Construction Project Scheduling

It is generally a mechanism for communicating about the tasks has to do and the organizational resources that will be assigned to complete all those tasks in the given time.

In simple words, a project schedule is a kind of document that gathers all the important works so that project can be delivered on time. A project is a collection of many tasks where each task has a fixed start and end to complete it in time though people have different schedules and their every detail need to be documented in order to successfully plan those tasks.

In past time, the project schedules were printed on calendars on a shared wall in the water-cooler room or shared spreadsheets via email buy in today?s scenario, most of the teams use online project scheduling tools.

As in the current scenario, most of the projects have many moving parts and they are continuously changing; so project scheduling software automatically upgrades tasks which are dependable and can?t completed on time. Besides that, it also provides automated email alerts so that team members can be aware about their scheduled tasks? time and manager will know when someone?s availability has changed.

Methods to schedule a project: The following steps will discuss how a project is scheduled -

? Specifying Activities: there are lot of activities in every project and at first the important ones need to be listed, here a Work Breakdown Structure or WBS and a deliverable diagram will help to start these activities and to arrange them by projecting the necessary tasks to fulfill them in a right order.

? Make the estimates: After having the defined activities and dividing them into tasks, the project manager has to decide the time and effort to complete them in order to calculate the right schedule.
? Design dependencies: Tasks should be only started after completing the existed ones and it is the task dependency that is reflected in the schedule through these linked tasks. So make sure that the important ones should be on the top of the schedule to complete the project on time.

? Assign resources: At last, the project manager has to finalize the planned schedule as per the needed resources to complete those tasks on time. Make a team; assign them in the project so that all the tasks will be completed together on time.
Maintaining the schedule after the project is started: After scheduling every little object in a project, they need to be manually punched into an Excel Spreadsheet and any project management software can automate much of the process for the manager. There are some programs on the market that are useful for easy scheduling duties and while a project; the managers often need a tool that can fit with the variety of scheduling issues that need to track.

? Scheduling tasks: The project manager has to know about smart software that help to give enough flexibility for controlling many responsibilities attached with every tasks in the project. He can either add tasks and dates into the Gantt chart to keep a visual image of each task?s duration and if the dates change, they can be automated by simple drag and drop with the changes. The email notifications are a great way to keep the track of completing task and the update will be done automatically.
? Scheduling people: To complete all the tasks on time a project manager should assemble all the tasks at first and assemble a team which must be scheduled as per the task list to manage the project. A manager should be aware that team members may take holidays, personal vacation or days and he should schedule the project?s task list so that other team members can pick up the slow in their absence so that the schedule will not suffer. He can keep the task scheduling view on the Gantt chart with resource and workload scheduling features.
? Scheduling projects: Making a project dashboard will help to manage the tasks to be completed in a clean and easy way without any interruption or problems, in addition that he can also use the graphs and charts the dashboard that generate to drill down deeper and customize the results to provide the right information on the right time.

Project Scheduling
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