Properties of a good staircase design

A staircase should have been designed efficiently to arrange rapid, easy and secure mode of communication among the floors. While going to design a staircase of any house, the following points should be taken into consideration.

01. Location of Staircase:

? The location of the staircase should be perfect so that everyone can avail it from various rooms of the building.
? The staircase can be located both centrally and adjacent to an exterior wall.

? The two most common positions of staircases range from beginning in the main entrance hall from the front door and beginning from a living space further inside the home.
? There should be sufficient provision of light and ventilation for staircase directly from the outside of the building.

02. Width of Stair:

? The stair should be sufficiently spacious to facilitate the users to utilize it comfortably.
? The width of the step is dependent on its location and changed according to building type.
? Normally, for domestic buildings, 1 m (3.3 feet) width is perfect that is calculated from side to side, whereas for public buildings 5 to 2.0 m(5 to 6.5 feet) width is necessary.

03. Length of Flight:

? To step up and step down from staircase without any difficulty, it is suggested that the number of steps included in a single flight should not be in excess of 12 and below 3. If the design is made for the staircase having over 12 steps, an intermediate landing should be arranged.

04. Pitch of Stair:

? The pitch of stair should have been under 37 degree in any type of stairs to make climbing up the stairs comfortably and without any risk.

05. Head Room:

? The head room or space among the tread and the soffit should not be under 2 m (7.2 feet) to allow a taller person to utilize the staircase at ease.

06. Balustrade & Railings:

? The open well or designer staircases should mostly arranged with balustrade and railings to maintain the security for the users. The railing should contain perfect size and shape to allow proper gripping by hand.

07. The Dimensions of Stair:

? The dimensions of stair should be maintained properly so that the user can utilize it at ease. The rise and tread of every step in a stair should contain consistent dimension during the staircase.

08. Winders:

? There should not be any winders in a stair. They are unsafe and raise the construction cost.

09. Materials of Construction:

? The material in a stair should offer adequate strength and constancy, fire resistance capacity, sound insulation as well as beautiful look to the stair.

Properties of a good staircase design