PyPile- a pile analysis software program

PyPile is a free sidelong pile analysis software program which is based on p-y curves and used for pile bending, bending moment and shear force analyzing with different load cases.

About Software: PyPile is developed by Yong Technology and the latest version is 0.6.3 which is available for both Windows and Mac. This software has the file size of 11.79 MB so it doesn?t take much space and has the license of Freeware so basically it is virus free. This software comes with common pile cross sections and custom cross section; it also included basic soft clay, stiff clay, sand p-y curves (Barry J. Heyer and Lymon C. Reese) and customized p-y curves. Free or fixed pile-head boundary conditions are also available to users.


? This software is built-in typical soft clay stiff clay and sand p-y curves.
? It has custom p-y curves which are defined by JavaScript or pricewise lines.
? Multi-layered soil considered in it.
? P multiplier is used to reduce p value in p-y curves.
? There are both Common pile cross sections and Custom cross sections.
? Pile El Multiplier is used to increase or reduce pile bending stiffness.

? Free and fixed pile head boundary conditions are used.
? Lateral force and pile head moment combinations are also used.
? Different results output like deflection, moment, shear force and rotation angle can come as excel xlsx file.
? Soil profile graph is ready to be exported and used in report.


PyPile- a pile analysis software program