What should be the qualities for becoming a successful civil engineer

In order to become a successful civil engineer, the following qualities are essential :-

1. TESTS OF BUILDING MATERIALS: An efficient civil engineer should be well versed with various test methods of building materials. Given below, the details of some crucial test methods :-

Concrete Test: Slump test, compression test, split tensile test, soundness etc.
Soil Test: Core cutter test, compaction test, sand replacement test, tri axial test, consolidation test etc.
Bitumen Test: Ductility test, softening point test, gravity test, penetration test etc.

2. EXAMINATION OF SOIL: Prior to build up a construction, different types of soil tests are accomplished to define the settlement and constancy of soils. Therefore, as a civil engineer, one should possess adequate knowledge with these tests to carry on at the job site.

3. APPLICAIONS OF SURVEYING INSTRUMENTS: Each civil engineer should have clear conception on how to apply various surveying instruments like the total station, theodolite etc. These instruments are specifically designed for marking and measurements.

4. STANDARD CODES USED IN CONSTRUCTION: Each country should contain their standard safety specifications (eg: Is Code) for construction associated works. The construction works of new buildings should abide by the rules and processes indicated in the standard codes. if not, there are chances for collapsing of the structure any time.

5. BAR BENDING SCHEDULE: Bar bending schedule is a vital chart for civil engineers. It offers the reinforcement calculation of RC beam like cutting length, type of bending, the length of bending etc.

6. DRAWING AND DESIGN: Drawing and design are considered as the elementary part of a running project. It offers all the necessary specifications of that project. Each site engineers should possess the quality for evaluating such drawings and designs.

7. COMPUTATION AND BILLS: A civil engineer should have the skills to produce the estimation and bills in a construction project.

8. QUALITY CONTROL: With proper quality control, the profit of the project is raised and the cost is decreased. Therefore, a engineer should be well versed with quality control process.

9. ON SITE MANAGEMENT: A engineer should have adequate knowledge with form-work, concreting, safety measures etc.

10. COORDINATION WITH LABOR: As a civil engineer, one should know how to manage the labors in a job site.

What should be the qualities for becoming a successful civil engineer