Activities and liabilities of Quantity Surveyor and Quality Manager

Quantity Surveyor: The prime intention of the quantity surveyor is to measure the amount of materials required for building work as well as estimate the cost of the materials.

Usually, a quantity surveyor performs the following activities :-

? Commercial omission of site
? Formulation of financial reports, budgets and forecasts
? Supervision, training and development of some junior staff
? Job review of assistant staff
? Utilization of health and safety requirements

? Fulfillment of paperwork as desired by the CSIs/procedures
? Synchronization of enquiries for and evaluation of subcontractors (in conjunction with designers, buyers and other disciplines as required)
? Assuring that all subcontract documentation effectively describes the detailed requirements
? Insurance cover (quotations and implications)
? Calculation and disclosure of monthly valuation for certificate
? Preparation of claims, variation orders and day work
? Settlement of new rates for supplementary works
? Calculation of finished work and validation of compliance with specified requirements for subcontractor payment.

Quality Manager: The purpose of the quality managers is to make sure that the product or service that an organization renders is suitable for purpose, reliable and satisfies both external and internal requirements.

A quality manager undertakes the following responsibilities :

? Offers technical guidance on construction materials
? Provides instructions to line management on quality management matters helping agents or project managers with the formulation of their quality plans for individual projects
? Inspecting the execution of quality systems with regard to the CSIs/procedures by audit and surveillance, and instructing proper management of any corrective actions necessary and supervising their implementation
? Implementing or arranging audits on vendors, suppliers and subcontractors in association with purchasing managers
? Guiding all staff on their quality management responsibilities.

Activities and liabilities of Quantity Surveyor and Quality Manager