Sample quotation for constructing an indoor badminton court

In this civil engineering article, you will get a sample quotation with quantities of construction material to design and develop an indoor badminton court.


? The structure should contain a basement height of 1?0? from Natural ground level.
? Footing pit size 4?x4?x6?-10mm dia @8? c/c main, 8mm dia @8? c/c alternate.
? Column size ? 9?x9? (6 nos 16mm dia and stirrups 8mm dia @8? c/c)

? Plinth size ? 9?x9? (4nos 12mm dia main reinforcement and stirrups 8mm dia @ 8? c/c)
? Brickwork should be done with superior quality chamber bricks containing cement mortar in 1:6.
? Basement height 2?-0? Basement inside filling with soil. Over the soil PCC is laid with 1:4:8 with 40mm blue metal.
? Plastering with cement mortar 1:4 exterior wall.
? One coat of white cement and two coats of Asian exterior emulsion should be applied.
? Grano flooring with blue metal chips over PCC in the basement.


? CEMENT: Dalmia/Ultratech/Ramco
? BRICKS: Chamber

Total Area of the Building is supposed to be 54?-0? x 54?-0? = 2916.sq.ft.
Subject: Metal Roofing Shed
?A? Truss Length x Width: 58? Feet x 54? Feet =3132.Sq. Ft
CLADDING WORK (27?x54?) + (27?x54?) + (30?x54?) + (30?x54?) =6156. Sq. ft

Sub: Fabrication and construction of traditional steel structure with Cooler coated Galvalume.

Columns: Delivery and installation of 12 Numers.150?100 Columns (MS I BEAM Height 32? Feet) Columns Base Plates should have 20 mm thickness 300 mmX300mm & Columns top Plates should have 8 mm thickness.

Base foundation 25 mm 1?5?Feet 48 Numbers
Columns Bracing Support ( X 4 Numbers)

A Type Trusses: Delivery and installation of of 4 Numbers. Trusses 54.0? Feet span formed 50X50mm MS Square Pipe Bottom Rafter as 50X50mm MS pipe with inner cross 30X30 Straight as 30X30 mm pipes medium (ISI 2mm thickness) Lighting Support 1 No Inclusive.

Paint Works: One coat of premier & two coats of enamel paint.

Roof Sheet: Color coated Galvalume CCGL JSW sheet (0.47mm) and its accessories.

Purlin > 60?40 (ISI 2mm thickness) Square Tube purlin.(1000+1300=1Numbers)

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Sample quotation for constructing an indoor badminton court