Guidelines for reinforced cement concrete design

This construction video provides detailed guidelines for designing reinforced cement concrete with adherence to the Indian National Building Code (IS 456 ? 2000).

This code is designed for general structural application of plain and reinforced concrete. This code employs the limit state design approach along with working stress design approach. It provides wide-ranging information on the different characteristics of concrete.

It comprises of the following five sections and eight annexures:

? Section 1: General
? Section 2: Materials, Workmanship, Inspection and Testing
? Section 3: General Design Considerations
Section 4: Special Design Requirements for Structural Members and Systems
? Section 5: Structural Design (Limit State Method)

By going through this video, you will learn how to design various types of structural components like beam, column, slab, footing etc. as well as objective of structural designing.

The video briefly explains the following topics :-

1. Purpose of structural designing and designing method
2. Variation among plain concrete and reinforced concrete
3. Fundamental characteristics of concrete as follow
a. Grade of concrete
b. Characteristics strength of concrete
c. Modulus of elasticity of concrete

d. Creep and shrinkage
e. Longevity
f. Tensile strength
4. Fundamental properties and categories of reinforced steel
a. Grade and categories of steel
b. Yield strength of mild steel and HYSD Bars

Watch the following video for online demonstration.

Guidelines for reinforced cement concrete design