Utilization of Residual Concrete Casting Structures

In high-rise building projects, the use of materials plays an important role in determining how much a project is worth, the profit and loss of the project, even in the acceleration of the project's working time.

Concrete is the main material most often used in multilevel projects because of its use that is easy, strong, and economical. Concrete that is used is often wasted in the process because of various errors in the implementation of casting.

Factors that influence the disposal of ready mix concrete include miscalculations / calculations in the field, equipment that is damaged, bad weather, even the improper application process will result in wasted material. The following are some ways of utilizing the remainder of a concrete foundry structure that can minimize the expense of a project.

The excess concrete can be used in the following ways:

1. Used as a practical column or precast lintel
2. Used as a Canesten
3. Used as a Car Stopper
4. Used as a Paving Block

The above list is by no means complete. We can add a lot more to the list. Usage of residual concrete depends upon innovation and imagination. Hell, it can also be used to create art and sculpture. All you need is an active and imaginative mind.

1. Used as a practical column or precast lintel: In some large projects, practical columns or lintel in wall mounting work have used the precast method.

Usually the concrete used is instant concrete with K-225 or K-250. strongly recommended the use of the remaining concrete structural casting used to reduce concrete waste and the purchase of instant concrete.

2. Used as a Canesten: Canesten is the edge of pedestrian, sidewalk, separator, curb, park road, boulevard, and so on. serves as a curb amplifier. usually canesten budgeted in the BQ order the finished product in a precast stay pair.

The remaining concrete from structural casting is used as a tool to minimize the budget.

3. Used as a Car Stopper: Car stopper is an embankment as a safety parking area to sign the car must stop. Materials commonly used as car stoppers are several types including iron pipes, concrete and rubber.

4. Used as a Paving Block: Paving blocks that are commonly used as outdoor parking areas, jogging tracks, parks, sidewalks, yard and pedestrian can be made precastly using concrete materials from structural casting.

That is some use or utilization of the remaining concrete casting structures which if implemented can reduce project costs are certainly well monitored and regulated efficiently in structuring the material, because if not it will narrow the loading dock area of ??the project which impacts the disruption of work implementation. If in the contract there is no work item above, then the material can be sold or sent to other projects that need it.

Utilization of Residual Concrete Casting Structures