Best Software Excel QTO Roofing Quantity Takeoff & Pricing Database

Are you designing roofs? Then you must be having issues with complex geometry. This awesome Excel QTO Roofing Quantity Takeoff & Pricing Database sheet will help you to design complex roofs with minimal geometry knowledge. Try it and see for yourself!

All you need to know is basic MS excel, and you can operate this Excel QTO Roofing Quantity Takeoff & Pricing Database. It is the fourth version of the software, which is a proven takeoff software for accurately estimating residential composition shingle roofing projects.

The software helps you estimate the most complex of roofings without knowing any geometric formulas at all. All you need to know is to operate basic spreadsheets, that?s all.

How it Works

The Excel QTO Roofing Quantity Takeoff & Pricing Database computes estimations of field measurements and scaled architectural roof plans. It runs using the tried and tested legacy tools of Excel QTO. It depends on the theory that roofs basically are trapezoids and triangles. The software breaks down each roof surface area into a combination of these shapes, and then estimates the quantity take off for each shape.

The necessary dimensional geometry data is fed into the ?Roof Geometry? worksheet, and therein every manual roof surface area is broken down into combinations of triangles and trapezoids. Only the dimensions of each shape and roof slope are entered into the spreadsheet.

Next, the sheet combines all roof surface areas to drive material and labor takeoffs for field shingles, underlayment and nails. You can also add more takeoff item data, like tear off, delivery, loading, site cleaning, or any other project costs driven by the square.

High accurate legacy tools calculate length based take offs for hips, valleys, ridges, rakes, eaves, pitch breaks and flashing in the Excel QTO Roofing Quantity Takeoff & Pricing Database. This data is highly accurate, despite remaining simple and quick to estimate. When manually estimating from architectural roof plans, the "drawn" length of the roof line, plus the applicable roof slopes are entered into the "Roof Geometry" worksheet.

Takeoff Data Sheet

The data sheet for the Excel QTO Roofing Quantity Takeoff & Pricing Database is well formatted to be of ultimate use to you. The data sheet is printable, which ensures ease of use and portability. The data sheet can be recorded to carry off manual take off roof geometry.

The printed version of this data sheet of the Excel QTO Roofing Quantity Takeoff & Pricing Database is intended to be 11 inches by 17 inches form. It would be a double sided print. It can be taken on the roof on site; or it can be used alongside the building architectural plans.

The printed form of the Excel QTO Roofing Quantity Takeoff & Pricing Database data sheet is useful in another way. When you have finished the work on the form, you can easily hand over the printed form to another party responsible, to finalize the estimation take off.

Features of the Excel QTO Roofing Quantity Takeoff & Pricing Database

1. Roofing color selection
2. 3-Tab shingles
3. Architectural shingles
4. Starter strip shingles
5. Hip and ridge caps
6. Roll roofing
7. Roofing underlay
8. Ice and water shield
9. Valley flashing
10. Drip edge
11. Rain gutters
12. Base and counter flashing metals

13. Step flashing
14. Nails and tacks
15. Roof jacks
16. Roof vents
17. Tar and sealants
18. Rain diverter
19. Carpentry repair work
20. Equipment and rentals
21. Delivery and loading
22. Demolition and cleaning
23. Permits and fees
24. Customizable user defined objects and items
25. Material percentile
26. Labor markup percentile
27. Roof complexity markup percentile
28. Price effective dates
29. Application of sales tax
30. Sales tax by jurisdiction
31. Waste factors by type
32. Product specific takeoff calculations
33. No geometry skills required
34. Built in take off data sheet
35. Roofing specification
36. Over 500 item database
37. Custom info based tables
38. Product web page linking
39. Materials specifics
40. Installation specifics
41. Roof geometry worksheet
42. Roofing takeoff worksheet
43. Customer proposal worksheet
44. Material summary report
45. Material cost report
46. Labor cost report
47. Roofing total cost report

Updates to Version 4

PlanSwift Integration

For PlanSwift users, the plug-in toolset is included at no extra cost, allowing takeoffs to be performed on-screen. Roof geometry is accurately quantified by tracing areas and roof lines from architectural plans and aerial images.

VisionREZ BIM Integration

For VisionREZ for AutoCad Architecture users, the custom toolset is included for free of cost allowing roof geometry to be extracted from the 3D Building Information Model.

Best Software Excel QTO Roofing Quantity Takeoff & Pricing Database

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