How to select perfect scaffolding material towers in construction project

Prior to start any construction project, the most important task is to obtain clear ideas on various types of scaffolding material towers. Improper selection of scaffolding material towers may lead to severe injury to the workers as well as loss of life.

Given below, the detailed lists of commonly used towers in construction site :-

MS Scaffolding Tower

This tower is mostly recognized in the industry due to its well-built design, stability, flexibility & rust resistance. It is built up with the superior quality raw material & cutting technology with regard to established industry standards. The size of the tower can also be customized according to the requirements of the clients. It is normally utilized throughout the formation of the building.

Some useful features of the tower

Perfectly designed, Rugged, Strong resistance capacity against decay

MS Scaffolding Movable Tower: MS Scaffolding Movable Tower is just an extension to MS Scaffolding tower that contains wheels. It is very flexible and can be easily shifted from one place to another without difficulty and huge man power. It also has good longevity & lock system. It is built up with approved hinges and castor wheels with adherence to industry standards.

Features: Strong load bearing capacity, Hassle free movement, Rust proof finish

H Frame Scaffolding Tower: H Frame scaffolding manufactured with superior quality steel having sound tensile strength. Its height is modifiable. There are scissor braces in the tower which are attached through gravity locks to avoid any breakage or mishap. By applying the combination of changing sizes of H Frame, towers can be structured to proper heights.

H Frame Structure: H Frame structure is a part and parcel of H Frame scaffolding. Different types of H Frame structures are combined to form a scaffolding tower. Due to its powerful locking skill, the tower can stand as tall as necessary.

Scaffolding Staircase: There are different types of scaffolding staircases. The size of the staircase can be easily customized as per requirement. Usually, the engineers visit the location of the construction site and offer solutions and build up custom structure as per requirement.

How to select perfect scaffolding material towers in construction project