How to set up windows in concrete wall

If the function of specific spaces is changed or lights are necessary in garages or basements, the windows should be installed in concrete wall. The work should be carried out in a perfect manner based on the relevant codes other than taking suggestions of a structural engineer so that the loads can be transmitted perfectly over the window throughout making opening, erection of lintels, and window installations.

The window installation process in concrete wall comprises different steps like indicating boundary of the window on the wall, arranging L- shape steel or building up reinforced concrete beam as a lintel, creating an opening inside specified boundary, smooth edge of the opening, placement of windows, and at the end deployment of water proving agent around the frame of the window.

Installation methods of Windows in Brick Masonry Wall

Forming Opening:

1. Prior to form opening, verify that the wall apart from opening is sufficient to sustain the load delivering to the structure.
2. Inspect different obstacles like buried utilities, shrubbery, indoor wiring and ductwork.
3. All the structural members standing on the walls with direct bearing over the area in which opening are created, should be perfectly supported with props to reduce the load from masonry wall unless the lintel over the opening can bear the load sufficiently.

4. The segment to be disassembled should be properly labeled on both sides of the wall.
5. Disassembling should be done from top to bottom inside the marked area.
6. The sides of the opening should be equivalent and perpendicular to the plane of wall.

Construction of Lintel:

1. The lintel should be constantly cast first in the opening made for the purpose.
2. One side of the shuttering should be uncovered initially till the concrete is placed.
3. The shuttering should then be secured for half of the opening and concreting is finished.
4. Curing of lintel casted should be kept for a minimum period of 7 days.
5. Sometimes, L-shaped steel beam may be applied as a lintel.

Installing Window:

1. Make a wood casing that is attached with the concrete opening with screw.
2. Frame the bottom shelf with an angle in order that the water striking the window will get away from it.
3. Flash the complete wood casing with the primer perfectly.
4. Install window in the flashed opening and provide sufficient space all around the window for insulation.
5. Fill that space with low expansion polyurethane spray foam.
6. In a concrete wall with no wood framing, install the window framework by fixing it into the concrete wall with self-tapping concrete screws.
7. For a block wall installation, fix with rust-resistant screws with a toe-nail method through the jambs into the head and sill boards at each corner.

8. Reduce the window into the framed opening, inserting the bottom window edge initially, then tipping in the top.
9. Shim the window from both the interior and exterior sides till it is level, square, and flush with the exterior side of the basement wall. Keep in mind that the window should not get damaed with extreme shim pressure.
10. Use expanding foam to the window frame gap created by the shims. Allow the foam to cure for minimum one hour before trimming the excess.
11. Use sealant around the window frame joint on both the exterior and interior sides.

How to set up windows in concrete wall