Basic Differences among Site Mix Concrete or Ready Mix Concrete

In this civil engineering article, you will come to know the basic differences among Site Mix Concrete and Ready Mix Concrete.

1. Machinery: Site Mix Concrete - Weigh batch mixer - (03 bag mixer RM 800)

Ready Mix Concrete - None is essential at Site - (As Concrete is provided from Batching Plants of 30 to 120 cum plus per hour capacity )

2. Storage space - Site Mix Concrete - Necessary to pile up materials like Cement sand and aggregate
Ready Mix Concrete - None - (Free movement of Transit mixer should be retained)

3. Supervision - Site Mix Concrete - (Should be provided)
Ready Mix Concrete - None

4. Uniformity In Quality - Site Mix Concrete - Low; superior quality consistency is obtained with regular supervision
Ready Mix Concrete - High as the concrete is formed under factory conditions

5. Material Wastage - Site Mix Concrete - High ? Storage is staggered
Ready Mix Concrete - None; since wastage is occurred on the Vendor/Supplier

6. Batch size - Site Mix Concrete - As small as 0.1 cum
Ready Mix Concrete - 03 cum

7. Minimum Order quantity - Site Mix Concrete - Order as per necessity
Ready Mix Concrete - 03 cum

8. Economy - Site Mix Concrete - 20% cost effective
Ready Mix Concrete - Expensive

9. Applications - Site Mix Concrete - It is applicable when there are storage Space & in-house technical capability - Suitable for Low-Rise Building Construction
Ready Mix Concrete - Suitable for sites with logistical restrictions (like Lack of Storage space etc.,) - Large and High volume of concrete Works

Benefits And Drawbacks Of Ready Mix Concrete:

1. Since concrete is batched inside factory condition so consistency in quality is maintained.
2. It is delivered in transit mixer so fewer space is needed at construction site(for preserving the individual concrete constituents)
3. Less material wastage at site since it is batched as a product.

1. Minimum order quantity is constrained and it is required to provide order minimum 03 cum.
2. To finish concrete works, it is required to rely on external agency.
3. Expensive than site mixed concrete about 20%.

Benefits And Drawbacks Of Site Mix Concrete:

1. An inexpensive and quality concrete can be produced with greater supervision.
2. Small quantity of batch is created and it is not necessary to depend on external agency for scheduling concrete works. 3. Better design can be created according to strength result and you can do some value engineering and save money.

1. Need sufficient space for storing materials.
2. Wastage of materials should be taken into consideration and periodic reconciliation should be performed. Site logistics should also be taken into consideration.
3. It is required to appoint qualified staff at site for supervising concrete production.

Basic Differences among Site Mix Concrete or Ready Mix Concrete