Characteristic of a site plan for construction

Site Plan: In a site plan, the location of the work according to the surroundings is provided. Site plans are developed with line diagrams to a scale of 1cm = 5 m to 1 cm = 10 m which demonstrate the orientation of the building, boundaries of land, position of roads, drains, sewer lines, water pipelines, adjacent plots of lands with their ownership.

The north direction is also demonstrated on one of the corners of the site plan to provide the geographical orientation of the building.

A site plan stands for a large scale drawing that presents the entire extent of the site for an accessible or projected development. Site plans, together with location plans are required for planning applications. In several occasions, site plans are prepared on the basis of a series of desk studies and site investigations.

Site layout plan (also known as a block plan) demonstrates a detailed layout of the entire site and the correlation of the projected works with the boundary of the property, adjacent roads and buildings. Site layout plans should present a scale bar or a measured dimension.

The followings are contained in a plan :

Title of the Drawing with the property number of the site, name of the block, street or road in which the site is located, reference number of approval with the use of building.

Characteristics of a site plan:

1. The boundaries of the site and any contiguous land relevant to the owner.
2. North direction relative to the plan of the building.
3. The name and description of the adjoining roads, street or lanes,if any with the width thereof;
4. The road boundaries.
5. The location of adjoining plots whether vacant or constructed
6. The area being captured by the projected building and the set backs.

7. The nature of the ground/soil
8. Any physical features like wells, drains, transmission lines etc
9. Natural features like trees, valleys etc.
10. Block levels in cases where basement/cellar floor are projected underneath the ground level.

Characteristic of a site plan for construction