Some useful civil engineering notes

This construction video tutorial is very useful for civil engineering students as it contains 10 objective types of questions on civil engineering and their solutions.

Some of the sample questions & their answers are given below :-

As per pertinent IS code, the weight of the timber will be treated as perfect if there is 12% moisture content in it.

The strength of the timber will be optimal if applied load is parallel to grain.

A standard brick should not engross water by weight in excess of 20% (after immersed in water for 24 hours)

When ?p? denotes the standard consistency of cement, 0.85 percent water is utilized in performing the initial setting time test on cement.

The lime mortar is normally formed with hydraulic lime.

The compressive strength of a standard good 1:3 portland cement ? sand mortar after the completion of 3 days of curing, should not be under 175 kg/cm2.

The split tensile strength of M15 grade concrete is 15 to 20% of its compressive strength.

For brief explanation, watch the following construction video tutorial.

Video Source: Technical Atyachar

Some useful civil engineering notes