Some useful information on detailing of beam

Detailing is one of the most crucial basic features of any construction. The architect should evaluate and place different elements of RCC members with proper care.

Proper detailing of reinforcements with accurate drawings is necessary at the construction site to maintain perfect construction process. Normally, these drawings comprises of a bar bending schedule. The bar bending schedule defines the length and number, location as well as the shape of the bar.

The detailing of beams is normally related to the followings :-

a. Size and number (or spacing) of bars
b. Lap and curtailment (or bending) of bars
c. Development length of bars
d. Clear cover to the reinforcement
e. Spacer and chair bars

The steel that is applied in beams pertains to various categories on the basis of the following objectives :-

i) Longitudinal reinforcement at tension and compression face (at least two 12 mm diameter bar should be arranged in tension) in single or multiple rows should be supplied.

ii) Shear reinforcements in the type of vertical stirrups and or bent up longitudinal bars should be arranged. (The bar bent round the tensile reinforcement and delivered to the compression zone of an RCC beams is known as stirrups).

iii) Side face reinforcement in the web of the beam is placed when the depth of the web in a beam remains in excess of 750 mm. (0.1% of the web area and allocated consistently on two faces at a distance not surpassing 300 mm or web thickness whichever is lower).

Some useful information on detailing of beam