Some vital methods for concrete curing

METHODS OF CURING :- Based on the type of construction work, the curing of concrete is done with the use of the following processes :-

1) COVERING: Under this method, wet gunny bags or hessian are utilized to wrap the newly developed concrete surface. This process is very effective for horizontal and vertical surface.

2) PONDING: Under this process, the entire surface is segregated into rectangular or square cages with the development of tiny clay bunds and these cages are filled with water occasionally building small ponds. This process is ideal for curing horizontal surfaces like floor, pavements etc.

3) SUBMERGING IN WATER: Pre-cast concrete members are over and over again cured by submerging them under water.

4) STEAM CURING: With this process, steam under pressure is sprinkled over the concrete surface. This process is very useful for pre-cast members.

5) SPRINKLING: Under this process, the water is sprinkled repeatedly over the concrete surface to keep the surface wet.

6) CURING WITH CHEMICAL: Under this process, water is sprayed over the surface as soon as specific amount of hygroscopic salt like NaCI, CaCletc are added. It helps to engross moisture from the atmosphere.

(7) MEMBRANE CURING: Under this process, concrete surface is wrapped with water proof membrane like wax emulsion, bitumen emulsion etc. The membrane stops the vaporization of water from concrete surface.

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Some vital methods for concrete curing